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Notice of Special Meeting

Who:  Town of Cedar Lake property owners

What:  Town of Cedar Lake Law Enforcement Coverage Public Input Hearing

When:  Saturday, August 19th, doors open at 8 a.m. with hearing beginning at 9 a.m.

Where:  Mikana Town Shop

Why:  To receive public input that will assist the Chair and Supervisors in reviewing our current law enforcement coverage.  This review is part of a total review of all budget line items.  Focus is on justification (threat assessment), stewardship of taxpayer dollars (budget costs) and best practices (coverage common to our geographic area).


·       Introductions

·       Restate purpose of hearing

·       Sheriff’s comments

·       Property owner input

·       Next steps

·       Adjournment

Meeting Rules:

1.     The Town Chair will facilitate the meeting.

2.     Speaker sequence numbers will be given out upon arrival.

3.     Optional written comments will be gathered prior to the hearing start time.  Comments are limited to 1 page and must include a signature and legible/written first and last name. 

4.     Speakers will be limited to one 3-minute time frame.

5.     The public input hearing will be recorded.