Budget Meeting Minutes | November 9th, 2020

November 9, 2020 Budget Hearing

The Town of Cedar Lake held the annual budget hearing at the Cedar Lake Town Hall on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020 at 6:00 PM.  Present was Ken Leners , Chairman, Supervisors, Tony Wolff and Kory Weiss, Clerk Maryhelen Drew, Treasurer, Gladys Roux . Also fifteen other persons(social distancing)

Ken explained the procedure for the evening to pass the budget for 2021. He also explained how the Board had arrived at the budget for 2021. Also, highlighted new addition to the summary budget page which includes all assigned funds available at the end of October, 2020.

The new building for the BFCESD was discussed as potentially being started in 2021. So, we still need to show the $264,000 which would be the Cedar Lake portion of the new building, even though the Town has not taken a loan at this time. Doug Fischer asked if that included the amount of $102,169 which is due for the 2020 contract. No, this is separate from the Capitol Improvement Project.

The Board proposed a $200 stipend per month for a resident appointed as the Town of Cedar Lake commissioner for the BFCESD. This is shown under the Legislative expenditures.

The Board proposed a salary increase for the Board who would be coming into office in April 2021. There has been no increase in these salaries for  6 years. The Clerk would receive a $250 increase per month with the treasurer a $100 per month increase. No salary increases proposed for the Chairperson or Supervisors.

The increase in the budgeted amount for the ambulance for the BFCESD in 2021 is due to the increase the paramedics will receive per hour for their services.

The increases in Hwy. Labor would be the cost of living increase if that happens for 2021. Scott is doing a very effective job as our road person. Ken George helps out with mowing and snowplowing. And both are doing a great job with no overtime in 3 years.

Next Kory explained the hwy. maintenance as budgeted. We would like to resurface Methil Drive all the way to Hwy. F. This would cost $250,000 per mile to repave. We will be accepting bids in increments according to the Budget for 2021. That is why all the culverts were replaced this year. As all of the hwy. funds had not been spent in 2020 these will carry forward to 2021 to assist with the cost of the repaving. There will be some serious work in 2021.

Each segment of the budget for 2021 was discussed. The capital outlay projects include $1,500 for heater in the basement of town hall, $264,000 for the BFCESD building and $10,000 for new election equipment. Ken then showed the capital improvement plan for the town through 2024.

Kory discussed the boilers at the shop, they are the original boilers which were installed in 2006. The Board was trying to wait to replace them for one more year. Two days after the budget work meeting, the boiler failed  and we need to replace this year. We can absorb this cost in the shop budget for 2021. Getting bids and will report back to board with costs.

In 2020 10 culverts were replaced on Methil Dr. at a cost of $46,000, 3 bridges were repaired at an approximate cost of $55,000. Park Rd. was repaired at 80% from the State and 20% our cost.

A discussion had been held regarding the replacement of the 2011 flatbed truck in 2021. It was decided that this would wait another year and funds would be used on roads in 2021.

Larry Johnson inquired about the fund balance. Ken explained that it is a snapshot in time.

As there was no more discussion, Ken made the motion to adjourn the Public Hearing for the Budget. Kory seconded and all approved. (6:40)

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