Code Red Community Notification Enrollment

  Barron County has contracted with CodeRED to allow anyone throughout the County the opportunity to receive free emergency alert notifications and weather warnings that require immediate action. These notifications include emergency evacuations, shelter-in-place instructions, missing children alerts, silver alerts, tornado warnings, etc. Anyone wanting the free service of emergency or weather alerts sent to their cell phone, VoIP phone, or email accounts; needs to register by visiting our Facebook page or and clicking on the Code Red icon in the lower-right column. Additionally, the registration page will allow users the opportunity to sign up to receive emergency weather warnings. Users will have the option to receive alerts anytime the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, severe weather warning or flash flood warning for the address entered on the enrollment page. This system will only notify you if your exact address is in the warned polygon area issued by the National Weather Service. Therefore, you only receive alerts that pertain to you. If you have any questions, please contact Barron County Emergency Management at 715-637-6732. Mike Judy Barron County Emergency Management
Your information is only provided to Barron County Emergency Management and Code Red, and is NOT provided to solicitors.

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