Town Shop

About the Town Shop

We celebrated the grand opening for the Town Shop in September 2006 with over 100 residents in attendance. It is state of the art and built to handle the Town’s needs for many years to come. We are working with Barron County to have them keep up to three County trucks in the shop during the winter season. This will allow those plowing to get to their trucks more quickly, get the roads plowed more quickly, and to save fuel.

We have already agreed to rent a space to the County for one truck in the shop for $1,500 for the season. Our timing on financing the shop could not have been better. Brill State Bank gave us the best finance option at $400,000 @ 3.75% for 10 years fixed.

Fire Numbers : Progress

The Town has replaced about 20% of the fire numbers this year and will be doing the same until they have all been replaced. The new signs are two-sided and much more effective for the emergency services folks to see.

The town will pay for one sign per property. If you would like additional signs they can be purchased from the town patrolman for $45 each.

The primary purpose of the fire numbers is to identify your location for the fire department, ambulance service, USPS and others. It is very important that the fire number be visible from the road. Typically they are placed near the driveway just off the shoulder of the road, please do not relocate you fire number without consulting with our Town Patrolman, Scott Walters.

Several private roads access multiple properties; each address accessed on the private road will have an individual sign placed on a totem pole at the start of the private road.

It is important that each property owner who uses a private road to access their property determine how many more address signs are necessary to direct emergency services to your residence. Think about an ambulance trying to find your address in the middle of the night. How will they know how to get to your residence.

If you would like assistance, feel free to contact our Town Patrolman or Town Chair.

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