What is the Town Policy on Winter Road Maintenance?

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How do I get my dog licensed?

The town treasurer takes care of this. You pay a fee according to whether the dog is spayed or neutered or not (now $5 & $10) and you must present a current vaccination certificate.

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How do I obtain a building permit?

Building permits are required for any new construction, any remodeling that costs more than $20,000 and/or expands your structure by more than 400 square feet, and freestanding garages. If you have any doubt as to whether or not you require a permit or have a building question, please contact our UDC inspector  Scott Schiefelbein.


Email: scottschiefelbein@yahoo.com
Office number: 715-354-3963
Cell number: 715-790-6963

How do I obtain a driveway permit?

Call the town patrolman at (715) 234-3817 to set up an appointment to meet at the site. The town will determine if the driveway is necessary and if a culvert is required.

How do I obtain a burning permit?

Burning permits can be obtained at the Mikana General Store in Mikana. Please remember to call the DNR hotline 1-888-947-2876 and Barron County Dispatch at 715-537-3106 before burning.

How do I register and where do I go to vote?

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When & where are town Board Meetings held?

On the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. unless a hearing or special meeting is scheduled ahead of the regular meeting but that would be noted on the notice of the meeting and the agenda. The meetings are held at the Town Hall on Main Street in Mikana.

How do I get an item on the agenda for the Town Board Meetings?

By calling the Chairman or the Clerk at least 10 days ahead of the meeting.

Is there somewhere I can dispose of storm debris?

For several days after major storms the Town offers free disposal of branches and small tree parts (no larger than 6 inches in diameter).  For disposal dates and times contact Scott Walters at 715-234-3817

Is there somewhere I can recycle old appliances or electronics?

Once a year, usually in June, there will be dumpsters available at the town shop in order for town residents to properly dispose of white goods. Examples of items accepted are:  washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, water heaters, stoves, etc.
Also, examples of E-Goods accepted are:  computers, printers, copies, electronics, etc.

Items not accepted: Tires, batteries, Liquids


For an emergency dial 911

For Barron county sheriff information click here.

Fire District

Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services District

To report a fire, dial 911

More Information

Population: 1,023
Registered Voters: 729
Median Household Income: $53,689
Average Household Income: $71,484
64 miles of road in the Town
4 bridges
3 boat landings

Town Hall Location

2696 Main Street
Mikana, Wi. 54857

School Districts

Rice Lake (#4802)

District Name: Rice Lake Area
Lea Code: 4802
Low Grade: K4
High Grade: 12
Contact: Randy Drost
Title: District Administrator
Mailing Address: 700 Augusta St Rice Lake WI 54868-1996
Shipping Address: 700 Augusta St Rice Lake WI 54868-1996
Phone: (715) 234-9007
Extension: 5008
Fax: (715) 234-4552
Email: drostr@ricelake.k12.wi.us
Website: www.ricelake.k12.wi.us

Birchwood (#0441)

District Name: Birchwood
Lea Code: 0441
Low Grade: K4
High Grade: 12
Contact: Diane Johnson
Title: District Administrator
Mailing Address: 300 S Wilson St Birchwood WI 54817-8841
Shipping Address: 300 S Wilson St Birchwood WI 54817-8841
Phone: (715) 354-3471
Extension: 501
Fax: (715) 354-3469
Email: djohnson@birchwood.k12.wi.us
Website: www.birchwood.k12.wi.us

Quick Facts