Legal Opinion As To Who Can Vote In Local Elections

Rick, A small number of property owners within our township insist that non-residents can vote during our upcoming ‪February 20, 2018‬ referendum if our Town Board approves.  I find this highly unlikely/illegal and have asked them to provide information that supports their claim and, to date, they have provided nothing.  Is there any truth to what they claim? Thank you, Ken   From: “Rick Manthe” <> Date: Dec 12, 2017 2:18 PM Subject: RE: Referendum question To: “Ken Leners” <> Cc: “Chris Loesl” <>   Ken, There is no statute that allows this. Only electors of the town may vote in any election or meeting of electors. The board cannot allow non-electors to vote. Thank you, Rick Manthe Legal Counsel Wisconsin Towns Association]]>

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