Monthly Meeting Minutes I September 11, 2023

The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake was held on Monday, Sep 11, 2023 at 6:30 PM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Supervisors, Kory Weiss and Mary Hele, Clerk Maryhelen Drew and Treasurer, Gladys Roux. Fifty other people attended the meeting.

Ken Leners asked that we have a moment of silence for the remembrance of 9/11 Attack.

The minutes were read from the previous monthly meeting. These were approved as read by Kory , second by Mary and all approved.

Public input will be limited to 2 minutes per person. Norma Jankowski from the Beautification Committee explained that a petition had been filed with the town board in regard to the Gerry Fraiser property in Mikana. What is the update on this property? Ken said that he had been in contact with Mr. Frazier, as well as a realtor who said that they would be fixing up the property and putting up a for sale sign. The Board will take this situation month by month. Ken had spoken with an attorney as the town is more strict than Barron Co. Zoning, so in a gray area at this time.We will wait to see if the property gets fixed up and placed on the market for sale.

Lois Gabriel appeared from 2423 25th Ave. to ask the Supervisors to draft a new vote on rezoning lots in Cedar Lake. She claims that rezoning can affect the mortgages of home/landowners, as well as making it unaffordable for some to build. Lois discussed costs to rezone assuming $500 per parcel, but was corrected as municipalities do not pay a fee for rezoning per the Barron County Land Use Ordinance.  The Town is 36 square miles, the LLBC is not the only part of Cedar Lake. Maybe consider a referendum zoning petition.

Under public input, Ken has asked a presence from the Sheriff’s office,Jason Leu,  to be present at this meeting. There was an incident on Sept. 2, 2023 and because it was still under adjudication wanted to inform that he is  pursuing charges against two individuals for allegedly assaulting  an elected official and allegedly attempting to assault the official’s wife . He wants to hold the persons accountable and stop the escalation. He will let us know more as time goes on.

Next on the agenda was the financial report from Gladys. All books balance with the bank as well as the clerk’s records.

Kory went into discussion regarding roadwork for the month. As to the speed limits in Stout’s Point, Scott was ahead of Kory and ordered what was needed. Scott is hoping to get all the updated fire signs in the town up yet this year. Actually at this time all of our equipment is in our own shop, not being repaired.

Angie Pitcavage asked when the cul de sacs would be completed. It should be happening this week.

Ken said that the town has received the FY 23 road certification packet  to complete prior to December 15, 2023. Delmore Consulting is working on them now and then Scott and Kory will need to check them.

Ken thanked Scot and Ken G. for doing a great job of installing all the new fire signs in the whole township. Washburn County contracted their installation out,which was expensive.

Mary gave the report for the Special Project Fund Committee. She has contacted Dave Armstrong and the committee will be meeting with him on Sept. 18th. She is looking forward to attending the WTA convention to make more contacts who may have the same issues as our town has.

The next report was from the BFCESD. Mike was not present but had sent an update. There has not been a meeting for them since our last meeting. He again suggested that the town stop the agreement with Lakeview and have the whole town contracted with them for the ambulance service. Ken is appointing Mary to create a committee to study this idea. There are questions to be answered before this is determined. Should the Town of Cedar Lake transfer all ambulance agreements to BFCESD? Mary suggested that she would get some information on the website and have people contact her with their thoughts and ideas. One of the questions Lois Gabriel has asked for two months, what would be the response time for the BFCESD to say, her home on 25th Ave. Lois volunteered to be on the committee to investigate this subject. There followed a discussion. Kory asked for clarification regarding the website. Would people be able to answer on the website? Mary said no that she would provide information for them to contact her with ideas and questions.

Under old business, Kory has spoken with the Rice Lake Dirt & Snow Club to see if they would have signs or order signs for us to post over on Pigeon Creek Road. Kory has not spoken with any residents on that route nor have we received the petition from Ken Widiker. He feels that we are pretty much past the season at this time, so will have time to get the signs and get them posted. Kory explained what kind of signs we are looking for to post.

Next on the subject of rezoning lots in the town, Ken has talked with Dave Gifford. The town would not have to pay the $500 per lot fee for filing. Saw the petition filing procedure. Ken also talked with Delmore Consulting to assist with this process. He would get costs from them.  He needs information to identify deliverables. Kory feels that this all should be on hold until we get feedback from zoning. Not contact Delmore at this time. Ken said that zoning concurred that the town would need to pay for certified mailings to all landowners affected. If he gets a bid, he will pass it onto the Board. Kory wondered if Ken had a conversation with zoning to see if they are receptive to this process? Ken said he is getting resistance from them. Maybe the town should not waste money on the consultation with Delmore if the county would not consider rezoning.

The Board then discussed what speed limit should be posted on Stout’s Point. At this time, we will stick with 30mph, so the speed is consistent all the way through. As to the recommendation of a yield/stop sign at the y intersection, this has not been looked into, but would involve a study of the traffic flow. It was mentioned that the beginning of the road is in Washburn Co, Town of Birchwood,and they have 35mph on their share of the road. As there is not a great working relationship with them, we will change ours to 30 mph and do our best going forward.

Next item is to schedule the work day and the special meeting for the

2024 Budget. Ken made the motion that the work meeting would be held on Thursday, Oct. 12th at 8 AM at the town hall. This was seconded by Mary. Ken will meet with the clerk to finalize some figures prior to this meeting. After a discussion, it was determined that the Special Budget Hearing would be held on Monday, Nov. 13, beginning at 6:00 with all required meetings following. All Board members approved this date.

Kelly Weiss asked if a deputy clerk had been hired. Yes, but it has not worked out well.

Kory said that he and the Bergman’s had a discussion regarding the roads in the Minnow Lake Subdivision. There is nothing planned at this time.

Maryhelen had been notified that the appointed agent for the Stout’s Island liquor license had quit. No new application has been received at this time. After a discussion, it was suggested that an email be sent to them letting them know that they are not legal to sell alcohol beverages without an appointed agent. Their license is invalid.

Under correspondence, Ken received a note from the county that the town emergency management plan needs to be updated by Oct. 31st. Ken will take care of this and have it ready for signatures next month.

Kory had nothing for correspondence and none from Mary either.

Maryhelen is still working with the attorney regarding the request for absentee ballot applications with the town’s insurance attorney. Kory said that Chad Kosin, who had the outstanding culvert bill, has been contacted and he will get this paid.

Ken would like to thank Ken Osmer for his assistance with the speaker system.

Mary made a motion to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Kory and all approved. (7:44)

No notice in the Chronotype. Notices were posted on Sept. 8 at Bear Trap Inn, Town Hall, Cedar Lake Grill, Red Cedar County Store.

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