Monthly Meeting Minutes Mar 14, 2016

MONTHLY MEETING MARCH 14,2016 The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana on Monday, March 14,2016 at 6:30 PM. Chairman Jon Sleik, Supervisors, Duke Dahl and Kory Weiss, Treasurer Gladys Roux and Clerk Maryhelen Drew were all present. Also 31 people in attendance. The minutes were read from the previous monthly meeting. these were approved as read by Duke and seconded by Kory. All approved. Under public input Ken Leners would please like to have on the April 11th agenda the following items for discussion: Town of Cedar Lake Route Ordinance & Town of Doyle ATV/UTV request. Also, under public input Steve Merrill addressed the Board regarding a visit from Duke, on March 12th, at his home expressing his opinions against the ATV/UTV referendum. Mr. Merrill believes this to be very unethical for a Town Board member. There followed some discussion. Next on the agenda are the financial reports from Gladys, Treasurer and Maryhelen, Clerk. Both are balanced with all accounts and each other. Next on the agenda was the Police report. Dave Dhein reported that the new squad which had been approved was suppose to be delivered in Feb. will not arrive until May. That vehicle is one of the most popular, therefore it needs to be made. Everything else is ready for when the car arrives. Kory asked if the delay in the arrival would affect the trade-in value? Dale Campbell said that the price would not change. A positive thing happening is the DARE program at the Birchwood School. There are 29% of children from Cedar Lake in that district. This will be the third year for this 12 week program. RJ has attended the State wide Chief’s meeting. Our canine must be certified each year. This year it will be done in Campbellsport, Wi. for a cost of $550. This may have a trade-off if RJ is able to go down to the center to train. RJ said that Dave, Jon meet with him 2—3 times per week, going over time sheets and other items needing to be completed.
Mike Gallo than talked about road activities. The roads are posted at this time. Kramer Well Drilling has damaged a road on the eastside of the lake. Jon invited the public to attend the ride around the town to inspect the roads. the board will then meet at the shop afterwards to discuss the condition of the roads. The beavers are in full swing. Duke will give Tim Smith a call to start trapping. It was mentioned that the Barron Co. Hwy. Meeting for the Towns will be held on April 14th at the Hwy. Dept. in Barron. The new backhoe and grader will be delivered in April. The mowing tractor will be delivered the end of July. The mower will come from Mich. at a cost of $7950 plus shipping of $1400. The driver will need to be paid before delivery. Board will discuss how to make this happen. The next item on the agenda is the report from the BFCESD. There has been no decision on a fire truck to order at this time. There followed a discussion on how each entity would pay their portion of the cost. We will need to hold a special meeting to approve our share of the cost. Ken asked where the new fire truck would be parked? It would be at the fire hall in Birchwood. There followed a discussion regarding the size of the building. Jon than spoke about the finding for the new equipment. He had spoke with three local banks as well as the State. Here are the results: State of Wis. 2.5% for 5 yrs. and 3% for 10yrs., US Bank would not do a 10 yr. but offered 2.37% for 5 yr., Community Bank offered the grader for 10 yr. at 3% with the balance on 5 yr. at 2.29%, Dairy State Bank offered the grader at 2.58% for 10 yrs. and the 5 yr. was offered 1.78%. Kory made the motion to accept the Dairy State Bank offers of 1.78
% for 5 yrs. and 2.58% for the grader.
Duke seconded this and all approved.
Under new business the Board than discussed the possibility of a donation to Barron County Poverty Institute. It seems that people who are in poverty do not know how to get out of poverty. This organization helps them to find the way to a better life. The Board all think a lot of Sara who is very involved in this program, as well as of the program itself. Jon offerer that the town donate $100. Korv feels that this may be
something that taxpayer monies should not be used for this purpose. He suggested having boxes up to collect to help the organization. After some discussion, the Board determined that the Town would not make a donation, but try to encourage persons to participate. Duke suggested maybe this would be a place the parade committee could help. Gary Traynor appeared before the Board to be considered fora Tourist Rooming House Permit. As Jon is part of this committee at the county level, he left the meeting. The address of this property is 2541 27 1/4 -27 3/4 Ave. Duke and Kory explained the procedure for this permit. The Board will complete the Town form and approve as they will comply with all the county regulations. Jon then re-joined the meeting. The next topic for discussion is the property at 2689 Main St., Mikana. Jon has received several calls in regard to the collection of items on that property. The property is still owned by Holt’s who is renting it to Jerry Frazier. The question was asked if the property is being used for a business. It seems that Mr. Frazier is buying and selling items all over the state. Jon has asked that the county to look into this situation. The Board will wait for a response from them. Kelly has a concern that if Duke is out soliciting against the ATV/UTV referendum as board member, this would not be good and he should abstain from voting on the advisory referendum. If he is out as an individual, that would be another thing. Kelly said that the Board should still be behind the will of the people. There followed a lively discussion.
Duke made the motion to adjourn and pay the bills. This was seconded by Kory and approved by all.

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