Notice: Caucus I January 14, 2023




     Notice is hereby given that the caucus for the Town of Cedar Lake will be held on Saturday, Jan. 14,2023 at 10 AM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana.

     The following offices are to be elected to succeed the present incumbents listed. All terms are for two years beginning April 4,2023.

         OFFICE                                              INCUMBENT

   CHAIRMAN                                          Ken Leners

   SUPERVISOR                                       Tony Wolff

   SUPERVISOR                                        Kory Weiss

   CLERK                                                   Maryhelen Drew

   TREASURER                                         Gladys Roux

     Notice is hereby further given, that a town caucus is for the purpose of nominating candidates to appear on the Spring Election, April 4, 2023. If three or more individuals are nominated for any one office, voting shall take place by ballot during the caucus and the names of the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be placed on the April 4, 2023 ballot.

     Only registered voters will be able to vote at this meeting.

     All interested parties, please plan to attend.

Maryhelen Drew, Clerk

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