Special Meeting Minutes April 11, 2018

SPECIAL MEETING    APRIL 11,2018     The Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana on Wednesday, April 11,2018 at 1:00PM for the purpose of considering discipline and/or dismissal of Town Patrolman.  Ken has spoken with our attorney, who suggested that the Board could go into closed session at any time during the meeting. Mike Gallo was given the option of a closed or open session. Mike chose open session.       Next Ken asked if any Board members would like to recuse from this process.  No one accepted this. He stated that the audience would only be observers today with no public input.     Ken then read the misconduct charges, unacceptable actions and behaviors that have been addressed during the past year. Tony had a few questions of Mike, as well as sharing policies of other municipalities. Kory spoke about fuel purchases.     The Board had implemented new policies as of January 1, 2018 of which Mike refused to sign and comply with.  There was discussion regarding overtime abuse, vacation time, which he has not used, comp time, lunch breaks, and use of personal  vehicle.     It was then Mike’s turn to comment.  He stated that he had promises from the past board members of his terms of employment, although nothing in writing.  Duke Dahl, Supervisor at that time had told Mike he could track the mileage and submit for reimbursement for fuel used in his own truck for Town use.  However, Mike never submitted a claim for reimbursement. He stated it was commercially insured. Mike discussed pay stubs as not tracking correct dates.  He felt that he had been withheld 48 hrs. Of holiday pay from 2017.     Ken spoke about the fact that Mike claimed things had been promised by a previous board, but nothing was documented.  As of January 1st, policies were written to show 10 holidays based on the Federal Holiday Schedule. The Board is also working toward freeing up more time for Mike by getting help with some of the chores, to work on eliminating overtime. After further discussion between Board members and Miike, it was stated that we are at this point now as the attempts to work out the issues had no positive response either from verbal or written directives.     Ken posed the question at this time, “Are we better off with or without Mike Gallo as the Town patrolman?” A motion was made that it would be better if Mike was terminated as patrolman at this time for unauthorized repeated purchases and use of fuel in a personal vehicle, failure to follow directives, and defiance of authority.  Some discussion followed with Tony making a second to this motion. A roll call vote was taken:Ken-yes, Kory-no, Tony – yes.     A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Tony to adjourn.  This was seconded by Kory and all approved. (3:00 PM) Meeting taped.]]>

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