Town Special Meeting Minutes August 19, 2017


     A special meeting was held on Saturday, August 19, 2017 for the purpose of hearing from the electors in regard to Law Enforcement within the Town.  Board members present are Ken Leners, Chairman, Tony Wolff & Kory Weiss, Supervisors, Gladys Roux, Treasurer and Maryhelen& Kory Weiss, Supervisors, Gladys Roux, Treasurer and Maryhelen Drew, Clerk.  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 73 persons attending.

   Ken introduced all Board members, Mike, Scott and RJ.  Also, present was Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald and Chief Deputy Janson Leu form Barron County Sheriff’s Dept.  Ken explained the purpose of the meeting was to hear all sides of the Law Enforcement issue for the Town.

     The first speaker was RJ Severude, Town of Cedar Lake Police.  He hopes to sustain the personal service within the Town.  He has been pro-active. He has had 438 service calls.

     Next speaker was Chris Fitzgerald, Sheriff. Barron County Sherriff’s dept. consists of 75 members, 6 patrols and 5 detectives.  Their patrolling is 16-hour days with RJ being 8-hour days.  They could offer the Town an additional contract with the county to cover 1 deputy for a 40-hour week, squad, liability, technology at the cost of $105,000 per year of contract.

Sheriff Fitzgerald answered questions from people and discussed the certification of the dog.

     The first property owner to speak was Jan Erickson, who feels it’s worth the taxes to have own law enforcement.

     The second person to speak was Mike Wolff.  He discussed how wrong to set up the police dept. as it was done.

     Next Dave Dhein, Chairman of Police Committee, submitted a petition to support the continuation of the police with 456 signatures.

     Ron Richlick would have spoken next, but gave his time to Dave Dhein as he went over.

    Brent Smith stated that it would be a great lose if we let it slip away from us.

     Cathy Hatfield spoke next stating that there is no way to get in touch with RJ.  She feels we are in a low crime area.

      Don Erickson spoke next in favor of retaining the police.

     Jim Trowbridge was number 8 and he compared having the police to an insurance policy, in case something happens.

     Dick Ballou said that RJ is very respectful, professional.  If we can’t improve, we need to keep what we have.

     Bev Schmidt appreciates all the work RJ does as well as the dog.  Thank you to all police!

     Tom Nanstad was number 12.  He suggested to the Board to not make a decision without finding out what the taxpayers want.

     Dave Strand stated that Barron County does a terrific job.  It is just not right how the police were brought in.  Need to put it to a vote.  He questioned the spending without everyone knowing.

    Scott Roux stated that he was not aware of the cost of the police. Ken mentioned that the police commission was supposed to hold meetings quarterly.  The Clerk read six written letters received in regard to this subject.  They were received from Mark Pagenkoph, Mary Hele, Jeff Kruger, Cathy Hatfield, John Bolles, Pudge Kohel.

     Dave Strand mentioned that a rumor was going around that Ken Leners was against RJ.  Ken is not against RJ, as a matter of fact has a lot of respect for him.  Ken promises to control Town spending and improve communications with everyone.

     Dick Ballou suggested that maybe a referendum would be in order to find out everyone feels about this.  Ken than spoke about the cost of law enforcement on the budget.  Jon Sleik mentioned that the mill rate in our town has been 2nd or 3rd lowest in the county which uses the Rice Lake School Dist.

     The next step will be taken at the Sept. 11th Board Meeting at 6:30 PM.

Kory made the motion to adjourn. Ken seconded and all approved.

     Meeting was noticed in Chronotype, Mikana General Store, Quillen’s, Town Bulletin Board and loch Lomond Beach Club.


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