Special Meeting Minutes I October 19, 2022

The town board held a special meeting at 12:42 on Wednesday, Oct. 19,2022 for the purpose of appointing a contact person for the insurance company attorney. Attending were all Board members and Kathy Leners. Kory has talked with persons at the insurance co to see if Ken would be able to be  the contact person without conflict.Typically all correspondence goes through the town clerk as default. This is just a claim at this time. After he received the call back, it was stated that it is acceptable for Ken and Maryhelen to be points of contact with the attorney retained by the town’s insurance company.

The call is scheduled for 10 AM on Friday to the clerk’s home phone number. Kory feels that Maryhelen should remain the point of contact with Ken being at the meeting at the clerk’s residence.

Tony said that Maryhelen should stay as point of contact and should record and report all information back to other Board members.

Ken shared some of his thoughts regarding responses to the claim.

Question was asked if there would be a deductible for the insurance co? We will ask.

Tony made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Kory seconded and all agreed.


This meeting was posted at Mikana Store, town hall, website,The Grill on Tuesday, Oct. 18 @ 11:30 PM.


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