Town Special Meeting Minutes March, 7 2018

March 7, 2018 Special Meeting     The Town Board met in special session on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 9:00 AM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana,  for the purpose of discussing the results of the February 20, 2018 referendum and vote to retain, amend, or repeal the resolution/ordinance that formed the FCPD.   Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Kory Weiss & Tony Wolff, supervisors, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk and Gladys Roux, Treasurer.     Tony spoke first stating that he appreciated the leadership of Ken as well as respecting decisions made by Kory in hard situations.  Tony has done research within the county to find out about police protection. We are the only Town within the county that has its own Police Department. .  All others rely on the county sheriff’s dept.. Tony asked Kory how much was spent on roads in 2017. We spent $86,000. It is budgeted to spend $160,000 for 2018. There followed  discussion of the condition of the roads. Tony’s main point in his remarks was that the money spent on the Police Department and extra police protection over the past twenty years would have gone a long way in the maintenance of long neglected town roads.    Kory said that he has heard a lot from people thru his business.  There followed a discussion regarding how we came to having our own police.  Kory feels that the Board should honor the referendum, which wanted us to have protection and keep some form of police presentation. Several options were presented, contract with Barron Co. Sheriff’s Dept., contract independent, adjoining jurisdiction, or maybe a town constable.       Sue Sleik wondered why the Board was holding a special meeting as we would be having monthly meeting on March 12th.  She feels that the Board is hiding by having a special meeting. Ken said that the attorney is on standby during the business day, but not available on Monday evenings during regular board meeting times.  This applies to WTA attorneys as well. The Board is making decisions and moving forward with lawful decisions.     Kory discussed the special meetings which were held. One was due to the fact the the police contract expired Dec. 31, so need to extend to March 31 to cover time of referendum.  The reason for the meeting change was that RJ resigned as of Feb. 16th.    Jim Trowbridge asked if the notice requirements had been met for this meeting.  There were 3 physical places that posted the meeting, Mikana General Store, Town Hall, Bear Trap Inn as well as the website.      Ken Osmer wondered if a constable would be an option.  Maybe biggest concern is the speeders on the east side of the lake.     A discussion followed regarding the response time from the Sheriff’s Dept. when a call comes into 911.     John Brunclik mentioned that he has been on the fire deptartment for 12 years and in the last five years at 3 incidents did RJ show presence at the scene. The county has had more presence. Chris Fitzgerald responded explaining that all calls come into 911 and it is determined who responds.  If RJ is not on duty, then the county responds. Ken stated that RJ did a good job, but only worked 40 hours per week.     Paul Pagenkoph asked what the status of the police in the Village of Birchwood.  That officer covers the Village and the Town of Edgewater for a fee.     Sue feels that it is the responsibility of the police to get to know residents,who leaves etc.  She stated that RJ had taken down 2 meth labs in the Town. Ken asked Sue where she received that information and she stated that RJ told her.  The Sheriff’s Department and former Police Commissioners knew nothing about meth labs being taken down in the township.     Tony explained that there is a difference between a police department and having police protection.  At this point, we are spending too much for additional police protection at the expense of neglected town roads.     Mark Pagenkoph feels that we should not need to pay a cop to check residential property.  People should hire an independent person to check properties. Bev Schmidt asked how long would it take for County to respond? Chris Fitzgerald spoke saying that the closest car would respond and that dispatch is aware of location of all cars due to the great technology of today.  Ambulance is a totally different response as it is all volunteer.     Chris explained that he had given the Board an option for more coverage from the county at a fee.  Ken stated that all options will be explored.     The question was asked if any other towns in the county have a contract with the county for additional coverage. No one else in the county has extra patrol from county.     Tom Hanke asked what the police has to do with the roads.  It is a money issue. There followed much discussion.     Robin Carlson spoke to getting an absentee ballot as she was absent for the election. Also stating that she had never been asked to sign a petition to keep police dept.  David Strand said that Barron Sheriff’s Dept. does great! Maybe get the Village of Birchwood to patrol the eastside of the lake. Ken may have an answer soon. Also discussed the constable position.     Kory stated that at one time, the Town had a constable and the Board voted to eliminate that position many years ago.  We could reinstate.     Kory asked if they were all agreeing that the majority of the voting residents would like to retain some law coverage in the future.  Do we support referendum to have coverage, do we come up with something to honor the results? When asked by Kory, Tony made the point that he wasn’t ready to honor the referendum because the results were the very example of why a referendum is non-binding. Any decisions he will make going forward would depend on what was purposed.    Kory feels that we should not dissolve the Four Corners Police Dept until we have something to replace it with in the future. There followed much discussion.   Tony made the motion to disband, repeal and replace the Four Corners Police Dept. More discussion occurred. Ken made a motion to second.  Roll call vote, Ken, yes, Kory, no, not presented with another option, Tony, yes.  Motion carried.     Ken made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Tony seconded and all approved.    ]]>

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