Special Meeting Minutes | November 1, 2023

The Town Board met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall on Wed., November 1, 2023 at 5:00 PM for the purpose of a decision regarding the submission of a petition to rezone lots on the east side of the town. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present was Ken Leners, Kory Weiss, Mary Hele, Maryhelen Drew, and Gladys Roux. Eight other people attended.

     Ken explained that there would be no public input at this time, this is a board decision.

     Ken explained at a discussion at a monthly town board meeting that a section of parcels could be used as a test to see how the county will proceed with the request to rezone lots from RR1 to Residential Low Density. So, he is suggesting a portion of Section 3,a cul de sac, Bayfield off of Buffalo Place. This would contain 6 parcels.

        Ken makes a motion that the Town of Cedar Lake submit a petition to rezone the following parcels: 010-4023-36-000, Mary M. Eckwright, Irrevocable trust:,010-4023-37-000, John Bolles: 010-4023-39-000 & 010-4023-40-000, Jeffrey Allen Bigott: 010-4023-41-000 & 010-4023-42-000, Ernest L. & Amber R. Hall. Mary seconded this motion.

Now it is open for discussion. Kory said that the Board had originally discussed getting someone to give us a cost to do this preparation for the Town. Ken said that Josh Miller, Cedar Corp. from Menomonie. has been working on getting the information together with several conversations with Dave Gifford. As the county has never done this, there are new things to discover. The proposal for the cost was $3250 for 106 lots. So, Ken feels it would cost about $200 for the six parcels. Ken explained that the lots in this test are two campers, one house and a large lot empty.

     Ken explained that there would need to be a separate petition and a separate town consideration form for each parcel. Barron County then would notify all landowners within 300ft. of these parcels. The town would receive the town consideration form, complete it and wait for the date of the hearing at the county level. The quasi judicial board will receive all of the testimony orally and written and may do an on-site visit. There is always 30 days between meetings. Ken says he wants to see if the county will say yes or no. If they say yes, then it is in and if they say no, we are done.

     The motion has been made and seconded. Roll call vote: Ken, yes: Kory, no: Mary, yes. Motion passed.

     The motion to adjourn was made by Ken , seconded by Kory and all approved. (5:16)

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