Special Meeting Minutes | October 27, 2023

A special meeting of the town board and the electors was held on Friday, Oct. 27th, 2023 at 6:30 PM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall for the purpose of presenting the Resolution 2023-10-3 to exceed the levy limit for the town. Present was Kory Weiss, Maryhelen Drew & Gladys Roux. Present by phone was Ken Leners and Mary Hele. There were also 14 other persons present. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

     Kory explained the reason for the meeting. Ken then spoke about some funds that would be available in 2024. Kory spoke about the need to do maintenance on the roads as the past few years have been building new roads mainly on the east side of the township. This increase would be spent on road maintenance, including sealcoating, crack sealing, strips painted.

     Kory also spoke to the fact that soon the town would need to discuss new equipment. He would like to see an equipment fund to offset the total cost of the piece of equipment needed. We are just paying the grader off in 2024. Kory has done some calling to find out the cost of a new truck. The truck would cost about $240,000 and would take two years for delivery if we ordered now. The newest truck we currently have is a 2015. So, it would be great to be proactive with a downpayment.

     Mary stated that she is trying to find new funding for equipment but most applications are for capital projects, not maintenance.

     Ken went onto discuss the difference in mill rated for the town with and without the increase in funding. The mill rate would increase from $18.86, 2022 to $20.40 per thousand regular levy or $ 27.50 per thousand, increasing the levy by $200,000. This would only be the town mill rate. Not the other jurisdictions which would be added to our mill rate to make a total mill rate. There followed much discussion regarding the increase, cost of roadwork.

      Tony Wolff and Bob Berg both feel that there is a specific plan of roads to repair or replace to be able to approve this increase. More discussion followed. Tony asked if the Board had looked into lease options for the equipment? Not at this time. No down payment would be needed at the time of ordering.

     Gladys made the motion to approve the resolution 2023-10-3 to increase the levy limit 34.836% in the amount of $200,000. Mary seconded this motion.( Roll call vote, Ken, yes: Kory, abstain: Mary, yes: Maryhelen, yes: Gladys,yes.) The following count was taken by show of hands: Town electors, aye 4: town electors,nay 12: abstaining: 4.(true count) Resolution did not pass.

     Mary made a motion to adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Tony and approved by all.(7:50)

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