Town Annual Meeting Minutes | April 17, 2021


The Annual Meeting for the Town of Cedar Lake was held on Saturday, April 17,2021 at 10 AM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana. Present were Board members ken Leners, Tony Wolff, Kory Weiss, Maryhelen Drew and Gladys Roux. There were 12 other people attending. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ken made a suggestion that a motion be made to limit time for discussion to 3 minutes. Louie Okey made a motion to set a time limit of 3 minutes for discussion. This was seconded by Robin Carlson with majority approval. A motion was then made that any votes taken at this meeting would be by show of hands. June Babineau seconded this and a majority approved.

The minutes from the Annual Meeting on April 25, 2020 were read. Mike Hessling made a motion to approve the minutes as read. This was seconded by Robin Carlson.

Ken then introduced Brock Geyen, from CLA,(by Zoom) an accountant who did the audit for the Town. He explained then when auditing the town it was found that we have a very active Board who has a good understanding of the budget and does a very good job.  According to the state guidelines, he would say that we are an unmodified opinion which is the highest level.  He then went into the numbers of the audit, saying that the town now has a very good reserve of funds. Ken Leners commented that the board tracks the budget each month and quarterly.

Next for discussion is the Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services District. At this point, we are gathering information as the number of participants is decreasing so our cost will get higher. At this time there are 7 entities. Town of Edgewater has submitted a notice to withdraw from the ambulance portion of BFCESD. At this time, Towns of Doyle and Long Lake are with Marshfield Clinic for service. Ken had talked with Marshfield a year ago, but due to COVID the information has not been shared. It is thought that Marshfield would possibly build an ambulance garage on our town property and staff it 24/7. At this time, Cedar Lake has also submitted a letter of intent to withdraw from the Ambulance portion of the BFCESD. There are 9 months. From the date of the latter to make this decision. So, by August a decision would need to be given to the BFCESD for their planning. Mike Hessling asked how much money Marshfield would put into this project. The cost would be all on them with the Town selling them an acre for the building.  There followed much discussion. One of the things which stands out is that from Marshfield the ambulance would have EMT’s versus paramedics from Birchwood. Birchwood has raised the hourly rate for the paramedics to $15 per hour to help as it is very hard for Birchwood to maintain a full crew due to the wages. They are leaving to get better pay.

The next subject is the new building. At this time  it would cost much more to continue with the plans as written at this time. The estimate is $2.2 million. At this time there is $191000 available. The Cleveland Grant expires at the end of 2021. At this point it would cost the Town of Cedar Lake $381000, with an increase if Edgewater withdrawals. Ken asked what the people and the Board would like to take back to the commission in regard to the new building. It was suggested that all ties be cut with Northwest Builders. It would mean losing the $35000 for the plans. The commission did not bid out to any other contractors.  Also, they wanted to purchase a third property from Gargulaks.. But at this time, Gargulak is not selling the property. It is maybe time to look at different plans with a smaller footprint. Kory said it is time to cut the cord as building costs continue to rise at this point.

Ken has received an email from Dave Armstong, regarding funds which may be available to municipalities. The Federal is sending $308 million to the state of Wis. for roads and bridges. Each municipality would have 2 years to spend this money on qualified projects. Not sure if this will develop but should have some plans available in case.

The floor was then opened to other topics. Louie Okey spoke about the Mikana Fourth of July Parade. The parade will be going forward this year.  Gary Garbe has agreed to be the Chairman, Mary Hele will be in charge of the parade lineup, Alicia Eppley will be in charge of the 5K run. The first meeting will be May 1,2021 at 9 AM at The Grill. At this point not sure if fireworks will be in the budget.

Louie has been watching the culvert on Park Road and noticing that the beavers are at work again. Scott will watch and take steps to stop the beavers. Pickerall lake is very high at this time.

It was decided that the date for the White Goods pickup would be Sat.,June 26, 2021 from 10 AM to 2PM at the town shop.

Gladys has decided that she will no longer work on the election board going forward. She feels that the poll workers should have a raise. At this time,they get $8.50 for the first 8 hours and $12.75 an hour for any time after 8 hours. Gladys has not done much research, but Milwaukee pays $10 per hour. She suggested $10 for the first 8 hours and $15 for any time over 8 hours. This should be on the agenda for May.

Kelly asked if the county has a diver going to the base of the Mikana Dam to see what condition it is at this time. Louie said that he and Tyler have discussed this and Tyler should be contacting the Board in regard to this. If the Board does not hear soon from Tyler, let Louie know.

Ken ordered the new AAD after the last meeting,at a cost of $1600. It has arrived along with a cabinet for it, so it will be a permanent fixture. Chris Nolan has agreed to train persons on the use of the AAD. So looking for volunteers to train. Poll workers, board members. Class should not exceed 20 people. So, dates will be set for this training.

The date for the Annual Meeting for 2022 was suggested as  April 23, 2022 at 10AM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana. Mike Hessling made the motion to accept this date for the Annual Meeting. This was seconded made by Cathy Hatfield. Motion passed.

Kathy Wolff made the motion to adjourn the annual meeting. This was seconded by Robin and all approved. (11:30)


The Board of Review for the Town of Cedar Lake was held on Monday, April 26,2021 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Tony Wolff & Kory Weiss, Supervisors, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk and Randy Prochnow, Assessor. Qualified for Board of Review are Ken Leners, Tony Wolff and Maryhelen Drew.

The Town is at 94% of market value at this time. Through out the year, Randy dealt with 459 parcels in our town.

At 3:30, as no one had appeared, Ken made the motion to adjourn the Board of Review meeting. This was seconded by Tony and all in favor.


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