Town Board Meeting Minutes | April 13, 2020

April 13, 2020 MBOC

     The Municipal Board of Canvas met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall on Monday, April 13, 2020 at 4:01PM for the purpose of tallying the votes from the April 7th,2020 Election. Board members completed the results of the election. Adjourned at 6:15 PM.

April 13, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting

     The monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake was held on Monday, April 13, 2020 at the Cedar Lake Town Hall and virtually by Zoom at 6:30 PM. Ken Leners, Chairman on zoom, Tony Wolff & Kory Weiss, Supervisors at the town hall, Gladys Roux, treasurer on zoom and Maryhelen Drew, Clerk at Town Hall. Eight others joined the meeting by zoom.

    The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

    The minutes from the previous monthly meeting were read. A motion was made by Tony to accept the minutes as read.  Roll call: Tony, aye, Kory,aye & Ken, aye.

     Under public input, Kory has been contacted in regard to mailboxes for those in the Village. He feels that the Town may need to have more clarification regarding the requirements. After a brief discussion, it was decided that everyone should contact Cora at the Birchwood Post Office for all information needed. Each person needs to take care of their own box. It was asked if the swing arm was mandatory. No, only a choice. It was decided that there would be a post on the website to inform people where to go for assistance. Each person would need to call Diggers hotline for cable locates. 

     Next, Gladys read the financial report for the last month. Clerk balances with the treasurer and all bank accounts. Ken then went over the status  of the FY 20 1st quarter budget spreadsheet. In discussing the budget, it is noted that the Town has not paid the BFCESD  $102,169 for FY 20 cost share operating expenses due to the decision that disbursement of FY 20 funds will not happen until the BFCESD Board of Commissioners adopts approved bylaws.  The BFCESD Board of Commissioners were informed of this action in April 2019 and, to date, still has not adopted bylaws.   In fact the BFCESD has failed to adopt bylaws since its inception in 2008.  This action is being taken to force the BFCESD Board of Commissioners to function in a professional manner rather than continuing to operate without defined rules and responsibilities. The Town received an invoice from the BFCESD attempting to charge interest on the pending distribution. The Town will not pay interest to a subordinate, sub-government unit’s Board of Commissioners that fails to understand that their positions exist to work for, and take directions from, the municipalities that appoint them.  This delay in distribution of FY 20 funds is not placing the BFCESD in a financial dilemma due to the fact that the BFCESD has, since its inception, significantly overcharged the participating municipalities and is in possession of reserve funds that far exceed a reasonable amount.  The Town of Cedar Lake Chairman is now a BFCESD commissioner and is actively working to assist the BFCESD Board of Commissioners to implement corrective actions. Additionally, the Town will deduct $6000 for rent of storage of BFCESD equipment in our Town Shop when disbursement of FY 20 funds occurs. The Board then discussed the credit at the Barron Co. Hwy. Dept. These funds will be used for pending public works projects.  The Board predicts  that the Town of Cedar Lake’s capital outlay of $264000 for the emergency services building is very likely not happening this year due to the BFCESD Board of Commissioners’ failure to competitively bid the project in FY 18 that has now resulted in the need to re-solicit bids to meet legal requirements.  Additionally, the exaggeration of pledged donor amounts by a BFCESD Commissioner has resulted in a significant funding shortfall. Therefore, the payment of $32000 for the loan might be able to be used in another area. 

     The next item for discussion was the roadwork for the past month. Kory stated that there had been two snow events. He feels that Scott took the correct approach in handling these events. Scott said in a morning inspection of the trucks, he found a tire that needed repair. Discussion was held, with the decision being that all four tires needed to be replaced. Scott wondered about the salt/sand pile. In the past, the remainder would be loaded and taken back to the gravel pit for summer storage. Scott wondered if it might be a good idea to cover where it is sitting at this time. It is not in the way of anything. Board thought it was a good idea to get a large tarp. 

     A culvert failed on 30th Ave. This would be by Jim Everett where the shoulder is eroding. Scott contacted the county to take a look at to see if a sleeve could be installed instead of cutting the road. It appears that the sleeve won’t work in this case. Also, a culvert on Ranch Rd. is failing. 

     Scott has a list of the fire number signs he needs to complete the replacement. Estimates that it would cost approximately $7000, total of 527 signs. This could be divided into two years. After some discussion it was determined that all signs would be ordered this summer and installed as time allows. Scott will work with Kory on the final number of signs to order.

     The weight limit signs were then discussed. It seems that the frost is going out quickly on the blacktop roads. Scott thought around April 22 the last few years.

     Kory talked about the dam. We have been slammed with rain, and running hard for the last two weeks. It is starting to back off. Ken asked who would be backup for the dam if he was not available. Either Scott or Tony.

    Also, the beaver dam on Loew’s Dr. is causing a problem for the road. The water is running southwest towards the Tuscobia Trail, backing up to our road. This information has been passed onto the county and they will notify the DNR. If it starts taking out the road before we hear back from them, we will need to proceed with the project and charge them. Mark Sterk is trapping the beavers.

     Ken L. then gave the report for the BFCESD for the past month. The fire calls for the month of March 12 thru April 5th are 2 in the Village, Cedar Lake had 2 calls and Long Lake had 2 calls. The ambulance has had 39 calls for the year of 2020, 21 calls in Feb. and 8 calls in March. 

     Next was the lawn mowing  bids which had been received. As this had not been done last month as planned, a call to WTA stated that we did not have to rebid. As it is a contract service it is not necessary to bid.  We have two which have not been opened. One was C & C Mowing from Chetek @ $120 per time and Denny’s Lawn Service, which did the work last season, at $145 per time. Both are including weed control for the Town which was not on last year’s job. After some discussion, Tony made the motion to accept the bid from Denny’s Lawn Service at $145. Tony,aye, Kory, aye and Ken,aye.

     The next item discussed is the Budget Resolution 2020-3-1 for the 2019 Budget. Ken read the resolution. Kory made the motion to adopt the resolution 2020-3-1. Roll call, Tony,aye, Kory,aye and Ken,aye. 

     Discussion of the alley encroachment in the village continued as Don Halverson had made a complaint last fall as he was having a problem with Gerry Frasier. Discussion was that all alleys in the Village were encroached upon in the whole village. The Board needs to decide how to proceed, abandon the property, allow encroachments, or move everything and town mows it to maintain. It was decided that this would be tabled until more people attended or the Annual meeting.  All alleys will need to be evaluated before a decision is made.  Vote taken to table,Tony,aye, Kory,aye and Ken, aye. Tony said he would do research on the alleys.

     Kory has no update at this time from Cooper Engineering regarding permit for the sand pit.

     An application was received from the Red Cedar Country Store for a new agent, Erin Cherney to replace Jennifer Effertz. Tony made a motion to approve the application for Erin Cherney as agent for the Red Cedar Country Store. Ken,aye,Kory,aye and Tony, aye.

     A date for the white goods pickup was discussed. Kory recommends that the Town continue with this as a service to the taxpayers. Maybe reach out to other towns to join and split the cost. Thought for next year. A date was set for Saturday, June 20th from 10 AM – 2 PM at the town shop. Maybe Ken George could help Scott Walters this year with both to be paid as town employees. 

     Under correspondence received, read letters received from the county in regard to the dam.  Board of Review is next month on April 27th. Three persons need to be certified. Ken, Tony and Maryhelen have signed up for the training.

     Annual Meeting scheduled for April 25th, 2020 at 10 AM. Due to the Covid19, we would need three electors, attending to make a motion to adjourn to a date within 30 days. May 23rd was suggested.

     Tony then discussed an article in the WTA monthly letter regarding a change in law for posting notices and agendas. A discussion followed and kory recommended that we post on the website and in 1 place in town. It was suggested to continue using the paper if in by timeline. More exposure is better. 

     Ken noticed last week while helping at the Election, that the gutters on the town hall are failing on the west side. He had talked with Dan the Gutter Guy, who said he could do the town hall for $3400 which would include 6 inch gutters and 4 downspouts on each side. Kory asked if there were gutters on the garage? Looked and no gutters. Ken added to his suggestion to include gutters on the garage as well. Ken will contact Dan the Gutter Guy.

     Ken had some verbal discussion from a neighbor in Mikana that Jerry Fraiser had a fire over the weekend burning junk. There is a burning ban on at this time. Need to put on the June agenda the discussion/action of nuisance ordinance, effective June 30th, 2020.

     Ken spoke about aletter received from the Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development in regards to the claims made to the State from former town employee Mike Gallo.  Mr. Gallo’s initial claim through a private attorney in 2018 for unpaid hours in the amount of $62,787 failed and no funds were paid.  Mr. Gallo’s second claim through the Department of Workforce Development in 2019 also failed and was  dismissed in its entirety. It has taken two years to adjudicate Mr. Gallo’s unsubstantiated claims  The Township paid a total of only $250 in legal fees related to this matter as the majority of effort was completed by the Town Chairman at no cost to the Township.

     Tony made the motion to pay the bills and adjourn. Tony,aye,Kory, aye And Ken, aye. (8:45)

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