Town Meeting August 13, 2018

AUGUST 13, 2018 MONTHLY MEETING     The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana on Monday, Aug. 13th at 6:30 PM. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Kory Weiss & Tony Wolff, Supervisors, Maryhelen Drew, clerk and Gladys Roux, Treasurer.  Also present were 31 others. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes were read from previous monthly meeting. These were approved as read by Kory and seconded by Ken, all approved.     Under public input, Ron Richlick mentioned that there was no police report on the agenda.  He was wondering about home invasions, thieves, break in at the store. Ken had contacted the Barron Co. Sheriff’s Dept. in regard to an incident at the General Store .  The report stated that an individual was charged with “criminal damage to property” for breaking a window and that no other reports had been filed. . The Sheriff’s Department responded quickly and apprehended the individual that damaged the store window. . Doug Fischer spoke up to say that a couple of life jacket had been stolen at the Beach Club.  Individuals were reminded that it is their responsibility to secure their boating equipment.     Doug would like to publicly thank the parade committee for the use of their cones and barriers for Loch Lomond Beach Club 50th Anniversary Event.       Ken explained that since we no longer have a police dept, that item has been pulled from  agenda. Anyone having questions should call one of the Board members.     Also under public input, Tim and Cora Franks are appearing to request a variance at 2639 27 ¼ -27 ¾ St. As they are not on the agenda, the Board will hold a special meeting to address this.  It will be posted in three places.     Dick Ballou spoke up to mention that there is a dead elm tree at the park.  This should be removed before it causes more damage. Scott and Kory will take a look at the tree to decide whether to do ourselves or hire it done.     Next was the financial report from Gladys, treasurer.  All bank accounts balance as well as the clerk’s records.  A date will be set at the Sept. meeting for the budget work meeting in Oct.     Next Scott and Kory gave the road report. The first round of mowing has been completed. Truck #3 has the ac fixed. Shouldering will begin.  Tony will post on map on website those roads which will be affected by this work. There will be some temporary closures which the county will sign as they work.  There are 6 culverts to replace on Loch Lomond Blvd and 2 more around the Beach Club. Kory spoke about the road project for next year. The job will cost nearer to $250,000.  We will roll over a percentage of the road repair funds planned n the budget from 2018 to help with this project.     The Board is working toward hiring a part time employee.  The position description has been created, applicants received.  Just need to hire.     It was suggested that additional bids be obtained  for the new wing for the truck. Will need to get this scheduled soon for completion.     Ken spoke about the bridge crossing in Mikana on Hwy. 48 for ATV/UTV. The DOT engineer called Ken to say that the signs should be delivered to the county from the manufacturer.  County will install these on behalf of the State.     Jon Sleik then gave the report on the Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services.  Also attending are Ken George, Fire Chief and Don Bergstrom, Jr. (Bumper), EMT Director. Dan Thole had appeared at the last meeting to discuss the financial statement with the BFCESD.  Discussed proposed allocations for 2019. Discussed also the evaluation and the increase in fees accordingly. The building has been approved by the State. The proposal for funding has been submitted.  There will be banners placed on the site. The trailer will be leaving soon.      Ken spoke to the great work that is done by the EMT’s.  It is mentioned that Becky Darkow is retiring from EMT after 30 years. We thank her for her service.  Ken asked if Jon had any figures for the Board to work with at this time for the 2019 budget. Jon feels that it is premature at this point.  Jon said that there are some figures which will not need to be paid when there is a building such as $19,000 in rent to the Village and $7,200 for the building for the EMT’s.  The land is paid for. The grant proposal is a private one at this time. There is a follow up plan if this doesn’t pass. June Babineau asked if the BFCESD has a grant writer? Jon said yes.  She suggested the Regional Planning Office is available to help write grants.     Under old business, the Board discussed the building behind the Town Hall in the alley.  Tony had met with a realtor to find out worth of the area. It needs to be considered who would purchase and what the property would be used for by that person. Maybe find someone to raze the building instead.  There followed much discussion without a decision being made at this time. This will be put on the agenda for Sept. There followed a discussion of placement of items which are in that building. Town of Doyle would like to store one of their trucks in the shop again this winter.   It was decided that the building would be winterized so that it does not have to be heated. The Board is leaning toward tearing down the building. It was agreed that a notice be placed in the paper for someone to raze the building being bonded and insured.     Under new business, the propone bid received was discussed.  Synergy has purchased Lakeland and they are the only bid. There are two options for purchase: one would be pre-buy at $1.24 for approximately 6000 gal. or .05 per gal deposit paid up front.  Kory will ask about the usage of the building in the alley and we will pay according to that amount. Kory made the motion that the Town contract with Synergy with Option 1, pre-buy at $1.24 per adjustment for the one building.  Ken seconded and all approved.     Next item on the agenda was the Public Nuisance Ordinance.  Ken has worked with the WTA attorneys to create this 13 page document.  He will not read it all, but point out several important parts. Ken has spoken to the person in Mikana regarding the junk and etc., but it became obvious that there needs to be more power to address this issue.  At this point Jon Sleik handed an ordinance which had been approved in 2009 which is only 2 pages. Tony asked if the County has an ordinance to cover this situation? The county does have an ordinance which is limited to abandoned automobiles.     Kory asked if we would be amending the new ordinance to include #11-2009?  There followed discussion. This is a difficult, contentious situation. One on one contact has already occurred.  Doug Fischer, LLBC, recognizes this is difficult. He feels like the Board is going down the right road. Does the Board modify the amendment the existing ordinance or repeal and replace.  This will be tabled and addressed at the Sept. meeting.     The next discussion was the speed limits for ATV/UTV per the ordinance.  Should the original ordinance be left or amend to eliminate C(1) & C(2) of that ordinance, which would remove speed limits around the town. This would have ATV/UTV going same speed as other traffic on the roads. There followed discussion.  Jeff Kruger stated that he would feel safer running the same speed limit as the traffic. He has done riding in Michigan where all vehicles run speed limits according to the posted signs. Mary Hele, who had worked on original ordinance, agrees that it would be much safer to go closer to the same speed as the traffic.  The original document intent was to keep people safe. Doug Fischer stated that his machine is much quieter at 25 mph than at 10 mph. Ken Osmer feels that it would be much safer if travel flows at the same rate of speed.  Kory asked if amending those sections would big a big issue going into other towns. No should be OK. Ken made the motion to amend the ordinance to remove sub paragraph C (1), C(2). Kory seconded. All approved.     The signs will need to be removed.  Volunteers from the audience will take care of this.  Talk with Ken regarding which signs. Scott mentioned that the bees are very bad at this time.  Kory recommends that the signs which are town property be donated to the ATV/UTV club. Ken will prepare the amendment to reflect this change.     Next the Board went over correspondence received during the month.  A letter was received from the State including information for the 2018 census.  The population is said to be 980 as January 1, 2018.     Tony asked if the LLBC had rules for Tourist Rooming Homes in their area.  Doug said that in 1988 a judge said that they had no right to tell people what they could do with their property.  So, they instruct those who rent, that their guests are unable to use the facilities available thru their homeowner association, as those renters have no ownership. There followed much discussion.  Ken suggested that all need to work together to resolve.     Ken asked if the town picnic for August had been scheduled.  It has been taken off the calendar as those who had done it before had decided not to continue.  Golf outing will be on Sept. 9 at Tagalong. Cedar Lake ladies will meet at Cheers on Aug. 20th at 6:30 PM.  All are invited.    Ken gave all Board members a paper copy of the Emergency Operations Plan which has been filed with the County.  He said Mike judy does a great job in his position. Good asset to the county.     Next discussion was the squad.  It has been cleaned. A battery exploded so had to be taken to Don Johnson for repair.  Should be done soon. Tony has obtained a value of the vehicle and checked with Active Dogs to find out the expense of outfitting the squad for the dog.  Village of Turtle Lake has give a written offer. Kory will check with the WTA how to handle, if we need to have a special meeting. It was asked if the squad had been posted for sale?  No, but Sheriff Fitzgerald is aware of the squad for sale. There are only 2 or 3 nationwide for those who need that type of vehicle.     Kory noticed that the Xcel Energy bill had gone down about $200 since last month  There has been no response from Xcel Energy since putting on the monitor.     Kory is also looking for a volunteer to pull weeds at the shop at the entrance.  Discussion followed. Decided to spray and kill everything. Scott asked what should be done with the gates. Will take a look and make a decision.     Kory made the motion to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting.  Ken seconded and all approved. (8:44)]]>

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