Town Meeting Minutes April 10, 2017

April 10,2017 Oath of Office The new election officials for the Town of Cedar Lake met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana on Monday, April 10th, 2017 at 5:45 PM for the purpose of taking the oath of office. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Kory Weiss & Tony Wolff, Supervisors, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk, and Gladys Roux,Treasurer. The oath was administrated by Clerk Maryhelen Drew who was then administered the oath by new Chairman, Ken Leners. April 10, 2017 Monthly Meeting The monthly meeting for the town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake was held on Monday, April 10, 2017 at 6:30 PM. Present was Jon Sleik, Chairman, Duke Dahl and Kory Weiss, Supervisors, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk and Gladys Roux, Treasurer. There were 45 other persons attending. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes were read from the last monthly meeting. Correction was made as to the cost of roadwork. The bids run from $2.35 per yd. to $6.33 per yd. Duke made the motion to approve the minutes as read with this amendment. Kory seconded and all approved. Under public input, Jon presented a present to Duke for all of his years of service and thanked him. A plaque was made by Del and Ron with a picture of the Town Hall, a replica of a car and a thank you for
his 20 years of service. Duke said that he had enjoyed working with the Town all those years. Also under public input, Ron Richlick thanked the Board members for all they had done over the years. He also thanked Mike for helping with a tree across the road as he needed to get out for an appointment. Thanked R] for all of his time devoted to the Town. Next Ken Leners asked if a date could be identified do to transitional discussion with each person involved. Jon said this could be addressed after the meeting. The next item on the agenda is the financial reports from Gladys, Treasurer and Maryhelen, Clerk. Both are balanced with the bank accounts as well as each other. Mike Gallo gave the report for the past month on the roads. All vehicles have the wings and plows removed, washed salt/sand off. They are still on standby in case of a snow storm at this late date. Kory asked about the status at the dam. It is now at minimal flow. It will be a while before we are at summer level. Big Birch and Chetac have a pending dam repair which effects our lake level. Mike said that the County anticipates that it will be here at the darn ASAP to repair the reset on the motor. RJ gave the police report. He has been helping the State setup their portable scales, doing some investigations, working with Xcel Energy replacing poles on Hwy. 48 between Angus and Birchwood.
The DARE program at the Birchwood School has gone real well. A large number of those children participating come from Cedar Lake. RJ was just notified today that the Police will receive a $1000 donation from someone in Wisconsin Dells, not sure of name at this time, for a medical advance kit for Storm as well as for use of other people. Otherwise, he has been doing patrols, house checks. He is seeing a lot of realtors around as well. Jon spoke about the BFCESD. At this time, no report as meeting is Thursday night here at Cedar Lake at 6:30 PM. The committee will be voting on the purchase of a 3.3 acre lot for the proposed fire hall. There had been a fire south of Mikana on Saturday. Judy from the Barron Co. Emergency Services Office commended the fire dept. for their respect given to the people’s personal property in regard to damage. They minimized the cleanup for them. Under old business, a discussion again was held regarding the repair/rebuild of the Town Hall stairs. After much discussion, it may need to be re-posted and opened at the May 8th meeting. The next item for discussion, Jon introduced Ryan Streff from Mobilitie who explained the proposal of a pole, 120 ft. tower, to be placed on Hwy. 48 at 27th St. for the purpose of providing more broadband. Sprint is the current customer but others can purchase the use of the tower as well. Ryan is looking for the Board to approve the placement of this tower so that the final permits
may be submitted. This initial approval would not authorize the construction of the site, but would acknowledge that the location and pole would be acceptable pending final approval from the WisDot. They are looking to a fall construction time. Kory made the motion to approve the proposed location for the pole for Mobilitie. This was seconded by Duke and approved by all. The item on the agenda was to appoint Duayne Bothum to the Police Commission for a term of 2 years. Jon made the motion and this was seconded by Duke and approved by all. Jon looked into the bonding info which had been received from Horton Insurance. Yes, we do need to have this bonding. It appears that it has not been in place since 2014. The next item on the agenda was the discussion and motion to pass a resolution,2017-4”Just Fix It” which was suggested by the Wisconsin Towns Association( WTA) at a meeting recently. Jon explained the State proposal and the need to pass this resolution in regard to the conditions of all the roads in Wis. Duke made the motion to pass the resolution. This was seconded by Kory and approved by all. This now gets forwarded to the WTA. Under correspondence, Jon spoke to the meeting held for Sue Nolte at the county level for a Tourist Rooming House. It had been approved by the County. They still need to check with Loch Lomond
Beach Club. There followed discussion regarding the process. Louie Okey than thanked Jon for his 16 years of service to the Town as Chairman, hoping to continue seeing him involved. Also, thanked Duke for his 20 years. Duke made the motion to adjourn and pay the bills. Kory seconded and all approved. (7:30 PM)

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