Town Meeting Minutes | April 8th, 2019

APRIL 8, 2019  

    The elected, April 2, 2019, Town Officials met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall for the purpose of taking the oath of office for the next two years. Chairman, Ken Leners, Supervisors, Kory Weiss & Tony Wolff, Clerk, Maryhelen Drew and Treasurer, Gladys Roux.

Maryhelen Drew, Clerk


    The Town Board met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana on Monday, April 8, 2019 at 6:30 PM. There were 18 other persons attending. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Ken thanked everyone for all the help with the new town hall repair items.  The Cedar Lake Ladies had input to make the tables much lighter. The rack for the tables and chairs work great. The floor is beautiful as it has been refinished. He thanked the Cedar Lake Ladies, Tony & Kathy Wolff, Scott Walters, Maryhelen Drew, Ken Osmer, Kathy Leners and Cathy Hatfield.

    The minutes were read from the previous monthly meeting. Need to amend the minutes to show that James Gagen had applied for a Tourist Rooming House.  Kory made the motion to approve the minutes with this amendment.  Tony seconded and all approved.

    As there was no public input at this time, next was the financial report given by Gladys, Treasurer.  All banks &,clerk match with the figures she read.  Ken then spoke about the budget for the end of first quarter.   We are balanced with the expenditures and revenue.  He then discussed the 5 year capital improvement plan.

    As the weather is forecasting snow, we may need to plow again. Kory spoke about other road activities. There is $350,000 for the road work budget.  The east side by Tagalong is projected to cost $250,000. The balance will be used on bridges which need attention and hauling gravel on roads. Discussion followed regarding the drive around with Fahner regarding 2 bridges specifically.  The bridge on Sirek Rd. is the biggest, they suggested crack sealing. The Brill river bridge is the worst, they suggested jack hammering. Fahner submitted a cost of $55,000 to fix the bridges. The board then discussed two ways of repair on the bridges. One would be the traditional sealant. The other is an epoxy coating which shows a minimum of 10 years of life, maybe as much as 20 – 25 years.  Board recommended to have Fahner update the cost of bridge repair using traditional on the Sirek Bridge while doing the epoxy on the Brill River bridge.  This way, it can be compared as to the best repair. The question was asked if we had used anyone other than Fahner, maybe someone in concrete? Kory said no, but is looking for input. Maybe get an estimate for a road project from some contractors. Kory will work on wording for a bid.  Mark Servi  suggested to talk with the Town of Oak Grove as they did a bridge last year.  This would need to be in the paper two weeks.

    Truck #3 is at Eric’s for repair. Still hoping it won’t be any more than the $4500 quoted. Monroe is asking for the truck to install the wing which had been ordered.

    Next Emshaw training for Scott was discussed. Scott does need to attend. Mark S. suggested that Scott attend the seminar with the county workers.

    The Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services was report on by Jon Sleik. Linda Zillmer attending last month was unfortunate.  She has no official business in the BFCESD or the Village of Birchwood.  When the BFCESD went to visit with the Village of Birchwood, they got along well.  The problem is that the Village needs to do a grant for a new well and water system.  This may take all of the financial leverage the Village has. The BFCESD is working with Daan Penzkover SEH, to see if the Village could do both grants.  Also, working with the USDA as they have grants.  They will be meeting with a private individual who has a history of creating grants. If the USDA was used , the job may need to be re-bid and that could cause it to go up 10% to 15%.. In regard to the proposed new method of assessment, two towns had not posted correctly, so were unable to vote on it.  They then talked with Arnie Kohler about the proper wording to vote on a new method of assessment.  It is a technical point.

    Tony asked about remodeling the existing structure.  The existing building has buckling walls. Even if these could be repaired, there still would not be enough space. Tony Wolff suggested that prior to the formation of the BFCESD, the Village should have been maintaining the building.  At this time, we are not able to go back in time. Ken George said that we will hold the pattern now.

    The next item is the consideration and action upon the proposal to modify the BFCESD agreement regarding the method of determining the assessment of each participating municipality. Ken Leners explained figures of the BFCESD budget, explained three different ways of cost sharing.  Ken L. made the motion forJon Sleik to vote for cost sharing per fire number. This was seconded. Roll call vote taken: Ken Leners.,aye: Tony Wolff, aye & Kory Weiss, aye.

    The next item for discussion is being led by Tony Wolff.  He is looking to see what the interest would be in appointing the clerk and treasurer rather that have the positions filled by election. There will be more discussion going forward. Tony will have a handout for the Annual Meeting. There would need to be a referendum at an election.  The next election will be in Feb. 2020. If this would be approved it would not begin until current term ends. Jon Sleik asked why have both positions appointed, why not combine the positions. It was stated that checks and balances are good, so feel both positions are important.  Norma Jankowski asked why do it at all? Tony responded by saying that it is harder to fill the requirements at election.  The appointed person would not need to live in the township and could have more than one town as a job.

    The next discussion was regarding the stop signs on Kirkaloy.  This will be tabled for the time being. Jon Sleik stated that the last time those stop signs were changed it took nine months. The question is should there be a four- way stop at each intersection? In regard to it being a dust issue, Kory suggested that maybe this could be handled in the second phase of the roadwork gravel hauling. After a discussion, it was decided not to continue this item on the agenda for the next meeting.

    Under new business, the Board opened the gravel hauling bids which had been submitted. Phase 1 hauling would be north of the V subdivision and  phase 2 would be east of the Beach Club.  There are 4 bids submitted:

  1. Bull  Dozing

Phase 1-6100 cu. Yds gravel @ $3.25 = $19825

Phase 2- 6300 cu.yds gravel @ $5.00 = $31500

   2. Antzack

          Phase 1 6100 cu. Yds gravel @ $4.00 = $24400

         Phase 2 6300 cu. Yds gravel @ $6.00 = $37800

  3.Madison Const.

     Phase 1-6100 cu.yds. @ $4.05= $24705

    Phase 2-6300 cu.yds. @ 5.74= $36162

4. Barron County-quote

   Phase 1 – 6100 cu.yds.@$4.30 = $26230

  PHASE 2- 6300 cu. Yds. @ $6.25= $39375

It appears that Bull Dozing is the best price. Discussed the following work, town would spread -trucking only or they would truck and grade.  Kory recommended that the Board decide at a later date when we find out these answers. The following grading options are available to the town, in-house grading, contractor or the county.  It was determined that this decision would be tabled for now and see what the WTA suggests for awarding the bid after opening. Maybe a special meeting.

    There followed a discussion regarding hiring Barron Co. do work on the TRIP project. Mark Servi has been excellent from the writing to completing the specs.  There are two ways this could be handled: 1.we put everything out for bids, multiple pieces. 2. Hire the county to manage the project for us, can do a portion of the work in house, asphalt purchased, which they could put out on bids. Kory Weiss stated that the Town would not save money doing it ourselves. He suggests that the Board have the county manage the project. Tony Wolff made a motion that the Town have Barron Co. do the entire project. Ken Leners seconded and all approved.  Mark Servi said that Monarch would be the only bid for asphalt.  They will notify the county when they will be setting up the asphalt plant in Haugen. They will try to avoid holiday weekends.

    Under new business, Jim Mc Graw, president of the club, is submitting a land division for the Loch Lomond Beach Club. It is an outlot owned by the club and would like to divide one acre lot  for sale.  The Town only needs to give an opinion as the end decision is made by the County.  Tony Wolff made a motion to approve the request to divide the lot.  This was seconded by Kory Weiss. Roll call vote: Tony Wolff-Aye, Kory Weiss -Aye, Ken Leners- Abstain.

    The next item was an application which needs to be submitted to the state for a vessel permit. The form needs to be signed by the chairman. This request is from Cedar Lake Grill, Cindy Saxinger, agent.  If approved by the state they would be able to deliver beverages along with the food on the lake.If approved by the state , it would be a two years permit.  Once approved, the vessel will need to pass inspection. They would not be able to serve the captain of any vessel on the water, but others. Kory Weiss stated that this is a good idea and good luck. There  will be a licensed operator on the pontoon at all times..They are checking with their insurance.

Ken Leners made a  motion to approve the request. Kory Weiss seconded and all approved.  It was suggested that they inform  the Barron Co. Sheriff’s Dept. of this plan.

    The next item is the correspondence received through the month. The County Highway Dept meeting is scheduled for April 25.

    Next discussed claims and payments of all bills. Need to check Town Hall Xcel Energy bill.

   We need to bill Oak Grove and Doyle for the salt/sand as soon as we are done for the season.

    Kory Weiss made the motion to pay the bills and adjourn.  This was seconded by Tony Wolff and approved by all. (8:25)

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