Town Meeting Minutes | August 10, 2020

The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake was held on Monday, August, 10, 2020 at 6:30 PM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana. Present was Kory Weiss & Tony Wollf, Supersviors, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk and Gladys Roux, Treasurer. Absent was Chairman, Ken Leners. Also present were 15 other persons.

The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance. The minutes from the previous month’s meeting were read. Tony made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Kory seconded and all approved.

As there was no public input at this time, Gladys gave the treasurer’s report for the month. Tony asked how things were tax wise. Gladys will know more when we receive a check from the county.

Kory talked about roadwork done the past month. The roads were striped last week. Scott got delivery of all the new fire signs. Scott has sorted all of these signs. Several persons will be helping to install these signs. Destruction debris has been dumped at the burn pile again. Kory has called the Sheriff as a license plate number was found. Installation of culverts on Methil is happening now. Tuesday number 6 & 7culverts will be replaced.

Mr.Terry Bygd mentioned that he had widened his driveway about 2 years ago. Since that time there is standing water in the ditches. He had thought that the ground would absorb the water. It does eventually seep away. Kory explained that the culvert is the responsibility of the landowner, although we could deliver a culvert and send a bill. The placement of the culvert is the owner’s responsibility. Mr. Bygd feels it could be seeping into the septic system which is right there.

Mr. Bygd asked if there was a fire number sign for him. Scott said yes.

Kory said that signs need to be placed for the work on Methil Dr. although probably too late for the website. Scott will notify the Sheriff’s Dept, the BFCESD. When they get to the 10th culvert, it will take a whole day as it is very deep.

As the meeting for the BFCESD is not until Thursday evening, there is no report at this time. As Ken is gone, Tony will attend.  Tony made the motion to make one change to the budget for 2021 to allocate more funds for the EMT’s due to the increase in hourly pay. Kory seconded and all approved. There followed discussion regarding the potential signing of the bylaws. The meeting will be at the Birchwood School on Thursday, at 6:30. We should know more next month.

Next discussion was regarding the survey of the alleys in the Village. North 40 Surveying, Mike Clamer has been contacted and will be happy to do this survey in October. Mike was looking for information to be able to give the Town an estimate. There was some discussion regarding possible battles between neighbors. The Board will notify each owner of items on the right-of-way (row) and give an amount of time to remove the items. If these items are not moved in a timely manner, the Town will have them removed from the row. The vegetation will be the responsibility of the owner to clear. Once alleys are surveyed, a line will be established. There are ordinances that apply to fencing. So, we will need to research those.

Public Nuisance update regarding Terry Bygd. Ken has spearheaded the project. He had taken a picture of the area and sent onto Tony and Kory. Terry has shown significant improvement and is definitely heading in the right direction. It is looking a lot better. Terry has put up the garage and has stored the most usable pallets in there. He has straightened the firewood, fixed the fence, done some painting.  These pallets are the only means of heat in the cabin. Last thing Terry wants is a fine. Kory shows that Terry has put in a lot of effort. Kory suggested that he not let the pallet pile grow. Terry was asking if he could get a letter of compliance from the Town Board. Tony said that the Board would need to discuss with Ken before the final decision. This will be on the agenda for September.

Terry asked if the Board was acting as the police for the Loch Lomond Beach Club in pursuing the cleanup. Kory said this had nothing to do with the LLBC, but the fact that the Town now has an ordinance for these issues.

In regard to Jerry Frasier,the Board has decided that we will wait until Sept. to discuss the south side of his fence. It could be he is waiting for the results of the alley survey.

Tony will be meeting with the IT man from the county on Wed. to see if a camera could be set up with our electronics for the Co. to monitor the recycle site behind the Town Hall. Kory thought this would be OK to be hard wired as they will be monitoring the cameras.

Kory has had a request for speed limits to be signed on the road in Kingston Platt for ATV/UTV. Kory will talk with the county and the WTA about the legal way to post these.

Kory, in going through the bills for the month, was reviewing the bill from Republic Services of $164.04 per month. Kory pays Independent $74.20 per month for the same size container. Kory recommends that the Town change services to save money. He will talk with Ken and if there are no objections, he will go ahead and change.

Tony made the motion to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting. Kory seconded and all approved. (7:30 PM)

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