Town Meeting Minutes | December 13, 2021

December 13, 2021

The Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met on Monday, December 13, 2021 at the Cedar Lake Town Hall at 2696 26 ¾ Ave. in Mikana. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Supervisors Tony Wolff and Kory Weiss, Clerk, Maryhelen Drew and Treasurer Gladys Roux. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Attendance was 5 plus Board and  ten by zoom.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read with motion to approve by Kory, seconded by Tony and approved by all.

As there was no public input at this time, the financial report was given by Gladys, treasurer. The clerk balances with the treasurer and all bank accounts.  Ken commented on where the town is financially at this time. With the checks written tonight we should go into January with a fund of approximately $155875 plus taxes collected during December. Discussed road activities for 2022.

Kory said there had not been much happening on the roads in the last month. The guys got the major storm, which we got on Friday, cleaned up real good. No major breakdowns. The Board then discussed snow plowing across town roads. Asked if equipment has been moved off right of way to be able to plow. Ken received a text message thanking for the good snow plowing job. (The guys both went out at 3 AM.) Ken will have new time sheets for Scott & Ken before the new year.

Kory mentioned that the Local Road Improvement application has been filed with the county. If awarded, we could receive $17000 for road work.

Delmore Consulting submitted the 2021 road certification  to the State today.

Ken stated that as a private citizen, he has submitted a request to Sheriff Fitzgerald, Administrator Jeff French,Highway Commissioner Mark Servy, and Louie Okey Barron Co. Board Chairman, requesting the opening of Hwy. V going west to Ranch Rd. to be open for use by ATV’s and UTV’s. He feels very optimistic as there are portions of homes in Gateshead and Cedar Croft which are trail locked. This would give all the right to get to the existing trails. The County will meet in April 2022 to consider the request.

The next subject is the BFCESD report. Mike is not available, but the meeting will be this Thursday.  Tony wants to talk with Mike getting more input regarding donations for the new building. Tony is wondering if the Town should be extricated from the building so that town money could be discussed more prior to commitment to the new building. He doesn’t feel that the committee has the ability to complete the project. The Town would carry the load on the cost of the new building. This needs to be on the agenda to be discussed. At this time, Tony does not feel comfortable supporting this. The land donor had been asked what he would like done with the proceeds of the sale of the land which had been donated. He would like to see it added to the building fund. Ken feels that the Board can control how the Town participates.

Relevant would also be the talks with the Marshfield Clinic in regard to adding a building in our area and staffing it 24/7 at no cost to the town. This may be an  important factor. The time may come when the BFCESD needs to look at the bigger picture, maybe only fire dept. The Board showed some concern of the legal procurement of funds and bids for building design. Mike will be at the January meeting so this will be on the agenda.

As there is no old business, under new business, the board discussed the fee increase of driveway permits. We have charged $50 for many years. As Scott makes at least 3 trips concerning driveway permits and the delivery of the culvert. More discussion regarding homeowners purchasing their own culvert. At one time it was decided by a town board that the town would deliver and take care of this due to the many different kinds of culverts available. Discussed maybe having specifications for the homeowner to purchase. With still more discussion to happen going forward,Ken made the motion to increase the driveway permit from $50 to $150 beginning January 1,2022. Kory seconded and all approved. The Board will start with raising the permit and re-evaluate later.

As more information was needed to make a decision regarding the request of the parade committee for no parking signs in 2022, this item was tabled until January.

Next on the agenda was for the new election workers for the term of 2022 thru 2023 to be appointed. As no names were received from any political parties, a list has been submitted of those persons interested in participating in elections. Ken read the list of 12 persons. Ken made a motion to appoint these 12 persons to the election board for elections in 2022 and 2023. Kory seconded and all approved.

A  report was submitted by Richard Ballou regarding the Buckthorn project which he has been working on for several years. He said that he is announcing his retirement from the program at the end of 2022. This report will be put on the website.

The Board needed to make an adjustment to the Employee Handbook as the clothing thru Cintas had been canceled. Ken suggested that the board should do what has been done on the federal level to reflect a clothing allowance. A motion was made by Ken to award full-time personnel $500 per year and $250 for part-time employees beginning in January 2022. This motion was seconded by Kory and approved by all.

Under correspondence, Gladys said she had contacted the website to update all the information regarding tax collecting and the two newsletters.

She wondered if Scott would clear the town hall steps for Dec. 29 and Jan. 29 so she can collect taxes those days.

Maryhelen received a letter from the Unemployment Division that they would be reimbursing the town for unemployment which the town paid out during COVID. Wis. Towns Advocacy sent an invitation to join. Board decided not to do this.

Tony forwarded a bill from Raney Day for change over of the Host for the website. He was also looking very closely at the electric bill for the town hall. It is really low.

Gladys then asked why there are still two bills for S&K as we switched connectivity to Mosaic. We will stop S&K contract  at the shop.

Kory asked that Scott be reimbursed for an item he had purchased for the town. He is in receipt of the Barron Co. gravel permit renewal. Also has a contract for Republic Services(garbage). The fee now is $74. Kory is not really comfortable signing contracts, but we don’t have any other options. Also, if we didn’t sign, we were afraid that the cost would continue to go up without notice. These items are routine business, which Kory will take care of and let the Board know.

Ken is in receipt of a letter from Weld Riley, attorney Anders Helquist. He is requesting conversations with our attorney as well as conversations and messages with the other Board members since Oct. 19 until Nov. 8. Ken commented that all of these items are posted on the website for all to read.He also feels that he had researched and answered all questions asked by a citizen, Larry. Mr. Helquist feels that the open meeting laws are being violated.  Our attorney said to ignore the request.

Ken made the motion to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Kory and approved by all.(7:44)


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