Town Meeting Minutes | February 10, 2020

The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake was held at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana on Monday, Feb. 10, 2020 at 6:30 PM. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Kory Weiss & Tony Wolff, Supervisors, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk and Gladys Roux, Treasurer. Present were 15 other people.
The meeting began with the pledge of Allegiance.
The minutes from the previous monthly meeting were read.Only correction was from Kory that I should say Tyler, from the county as his last name is difficult.  The minutes were approved by Tony and seconded by Kory. All approved.
As there was no public input at this time, Gladys Roux gave the financial report for the Town. All accounts balance with the bank, as well as with Maryhelen, Clerk. Gladys explained that she had established the reserve fund as requested by the Board. We have already received $14.38 interest since it was started last month. Ken stated that the majority of the funds currently held will be transferred out this month for the payment to the county and both the school districts. Tony asked if many people had used the link on the website for paying their taxes. Gladys feels she received $70,000 thru the website, with e-check being used the most.
Kory reported on the past month’s road activities. As it is the middle of winter just dealing with the weather. Kory has been getting bids to replace the boilers in the shop. Scott said that there is still an ice problem on Bolgers.
Tony asked if we would be burning this winter at the gravel pit. Waiting for time when it is not snowing and the wind is in the right direction. In the past, we have hired someone to push the pile together. Is that something we need to do this year? No, let’s begin the burn and go from there.
As the BFCESD meeting is not until Thursday, there is no report. A discussion was held regarding the BFCESD storage in the shop. Village of Birchwood charges them $4.44 per sq. ft.,x 4,284 sq. ft. which equals $19,000 per year.  The area used in our shop is 1,371 sq. ft. at $4.44 would be a charge of $6,089 per year. Kory is concerned that there are others using the shop who don’t get charged a fee. He is not suggesting to charge those others who are using it. Ken feels that the Town of Doyle and Brill Sportsman’s Club is an exchange of services. The BFCESD has used the space for 12 yrs. After further discussion, a motion was made by Ken to invoice the BFCESD, $6,089 beginning Jan. 1, 2020. Kory wondered if this would be a problem for the BFCESD budget. We could deduct that amount from our payment to them. More discussion followed, feeling not a budget problem as they are starting 2020 with a balance of $881,000. Linda Zillmer spoke to say that the BFCESD Board never voted to adjust the annual budget.  Kory feels that for many years there has been a gentleman’s agreement to have a fire truck here. Tony thought that at one time there were several volunteers who lived in the town and it was convenient for time for a call. Also, at one time, it helped with insurance for those who lived close to the fire hall. That does not apply any longer.  Tony then seconded the motion to invoice the BFCESD. Roll call vote Ken,yes: Kory, yes: Tony, yes.
Next Tony talked about the situation with the post office for mail of those who live in Mikana. It has been determined that we will be receiving rural delivery sometime in the future. Cora, Birchwood Postmaster, has been driving the area to see how the route could be delivered. Mikana would be able to keep the zip code of 54857 with delivery only on the north side of bridge on Hwy. 48. It has not been determined which side of the road would be best. Scott suggested that people use the swing arm for the box. They are available at Badger Steel for $60. There followed a discussion regarding the specifications to install. Each person will be responsible for keeping the snow cleared out from under it. Kory advised that Diggers Hotline would need to be called for placement of the mail boxes. The Board said that the box for the Town should have a lock on it.
Ken thanked Tony for all the good work he has done to find a resolution. Also, thanked all others who have participated.
Tony then spoke about Hwy. 48 & V landing. He has met with Mark Coe, Attorney and given him the situation as well as paperwork which we may have regarding that landing. He is studying it all. Mike Klutho, who owns the property to the north was available for discussion. He is the Chairman of the Red Cedar Lake Assc. They have a concern that aquatic invasives may be getting into the lake as boats from other lakes launch without cleaning the boats. If this were to happen, the value of all the homes on the lake would go down. He is wanting to know what the end result is that the Board is looking toward. Dave Peterson, owner of the landing would like for locals to use free.  The way it works now, there are so many using the landing, that his customers can’t even get to it to use. If Waldo Carlson Park, county owned & operated, would stop charging for persons  to launch their boats, it would take some of the pressure off the V landing.  There is no pier, many do power loading creating a big hole, no real parking. Trailers are parked along V and people walk back and forth.  Mike’s recommendation is to be patient, have the interested parties all sit down together and come to a result which makes sense. Lake quality is high on the priority list. Maybe come to an agreement where it could be made into a limited user site for the locals. Ken agreed. Work with the landowner and put pressure on the county to eliminate the $5 launching fee. Rich Hokanson suggested that the landing just be closed off. At this time, we are waiting for the attorney’s results.
More discussion followed. Dave P. said that he does not want to jeopardize any of the parties involved, but he does pay taxes on that landing. Dave asked what the Board would like to see accomplished. The answer was no fee at the county park. Another thought was to abandon the access. If that happened, the DNR would become involved. It was suggested that Louie Okey, Co. Board representative be asked to approach the property committee with this issue. We need legal answers.
We will wait for guidance from the attorney. We will discuss this with the Co. Property Committee. The Board should bring this subject up with the assessor as well. Dave would like to have this resolved by May 28th if at all possible.
Kory discussed lawnmower bids which will be opened at the March meeting. One of the items which the Board would like to include is weed control. Also, looking for volunteers to landscape in front of Town Hall.
Next topic for discussion is the striping of some roads in 2020. Kory feels this could be an unnecessary expenditure, except for roads which are high traffic routes. Ken wondered if that should include the truck route on the east side of the lake. Kory suggested that we need to look at each road for width. It was noted that we should notify the county soon for this summer if we are going to stripe roads. For now, the Board feels only the emergency truck route. White fog lines might be more of an investment than striping. Don Erickson suggested that white fog lines between mile marker 6 & 7 would be very helpful. Kelly asked if the corner on West Lakeshore could be striped white. More discussion.
Next was the discussion of the Mikana Dam. Ken had a discussion with them regarding the invoice which we sent for $6,000. They said that $3,000 would be for 2019 and $3,000 would be for 2020. This subject will be discussed again in the summer.
We have the contract for the audit from Clifton, Larson, Allen. Ken will go over it and sign.
Kory had received some information on a seminar which is being put on by the insurance company, for free. It is 2020 Hwy. Safety Days which will be in May.  It would count toward certification for Scott for MSHA.
The permit for the gravel pit was received from the county. Completed and returned with payment. Kory wondered if we would need to get a permit to mine sand at the gravel pit. It would give us sand as well as stone for the gravel pile. Kory will contact Cooper Engineering to look into this permit.
Ken had a card for Ken & Becki George as Becki’s father passed away.
Ken has a map for the 2020 census. Ken needs to examine for accuracy, sign and return.
Ken received notice from the State Dept. of Workforce Development (DWD) regarding a former employee who has filed claims alleging he is due additional funds for “off the clock”, sick leave, floating holiday and on-call work.   The  DWD has denied 3 of the 4 claims which he was asking for. The DWD is yet to determine the former employee’s “off the clock” claim.  The DWD has directed the former employee to justify his “off the clock” allegation.  Ken requested that the DWD explain why they (DWD) are entertaining these allegations when the former employee failed to follow State mandated local municipality grievance procedures. .
Tony made the motion to adjourn the meeting and pay the bills. Kory seconded and all approved. (8:15)

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