Town Meeting Minutes | June 10, 2019

June 10, 2019, MONTHLY MEETING

     The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana on Monday, June 10th, 2019 at 6:30 PM. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Supervisors, Kory Weiss, and Tony Wolff, Clerk, Maryhelen Drew and Treasurer, Gladys Roux.  Also 25 other persons.  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

     The minutes from the previous monthly meeting were read.  Kory made the correction that it was him, Kory, who had heard the rumor regarding Town of Birchwood’s concerns related to gravel trucks accessing Loch Lomond Blvd from Hwy 48, not Kelly. Tony made a second and all approved with this correction.

     Under public input, Bruce Penzkover stated that the Swamp Road is open and Scott did a good job.  Bruce thanked him.

     Also under public input, Bill Robarge is attending to discuss the problem with the beaver dams on his property adjacent to town road and Lanny Loew’s property.  He is wondering who continues to dig out the beaver dams and leaving piles of dirt. Ken stated that this sounds like a private property owner versus the Town property. There followed a discussion regarding beaver dams all over the Town as they have caused the Park Rd. to be washed out. Ken will follow up with the State in regard to Park Rd. for the study and possible state flood aid. Wondered if the Town would have recourse if a property owner was negligent in caring for beaver dams.

     Bill Robarge is just interested in getting the property cleaned up.  The Town needs to make sure that all issues with beaver dams are done properly before doing anything. Ken feels that a conversation needs to be started with Larry Loew. It is an imminent threat to Town property.  The board will work on this issue.

    Mark Pagenkopf explained about a runaway pontoon on the river.  It went under the bridge, against the dam. He called Kory who came over, jumped on the pontoon and took it to be tied.  Not sure who the owner is of this pontoon.  Mark thanked Kory for above and beyond.

     The cable that should be in front of the dam is not in place.  It was suggested that a new cable be installed. Louie Okey will contact Tyler at the county asking him to get it replaced.  Kory suggested that the level gauge be installed at the same time.

     In response to the minutes, Dirk Vanderbent commented that the fire calls to Tagalong Condos have always been a problem.  As he is part of this entity, he will try to address this problem.

     The financial report was given by Gladys Roux, treasurer. The clerk balances with the treasurer and all bank accounts. Discussed outstanding $82 Buckthorn check.  Will probably cancel as it has not been determined where this check went.

     Ken then spoke about the budget in regard to the halfway point in the fiscal year. Kory is doing a fine job of tracking the road projects according to need and funds. Ken asked if Bull Dozin” would start hauling and grading gravel after July 4th?  Not sure.

     Kory then spoke about the Park Rd.  wash out in detail.  There was 4 inches of rain causing heavy flooding as well as two beaver dams washing out.  The county was there the next day to assist.  In order to get the road open as quickly as possible, the county brought a used culvert and equipment to install. The project is eligible for flood damage from the state. The share would be 80% State and 20% Town for cost. The new culvert will be installed this fall.  Also, this month the Swamp Rd. had to be closed as it blew out.  It was barricaded on each end. The barricades were run over twice, then replaced with a fence. Kory is working with the Sheriff’s Dept. to find out who was doing this. It was opened this AM. Scott had fixed it multiple times with 6 loads of gravel.  The lake level is up and all dams in the county are running at maximum. It is currently 14-15 inches at our dam.  Kory watches this daily. Another issue is a log stuck in the dam downstream.  The Town will not be doing this, Barron County is responsible for the dam.

     Ken stated that the county started pulverizing this afternoon and if goes according to plan should be done by noon tomorrow.   Kory said that they are ahead of schedule. We had asked that it be done before the 4th, or not started until after the 4th. They should be done by the 4th. The county is running the project and is keeping us in the loop. This will be posted on the website as the project progresses.

     Doug Fischer asked if it would be possible to replace the culvert by the storage unit as it flooded that area.  Mark Servi suggested that this may have happened because of the amount of snow this year.  We should wait to see another year.

     As the budget for road maintenance is based on planned projects, Kory has been working with Fahrner regarding the bridge decks. As Fahner has taken a large project for this summer they may not be able to get to the bridge decks for us.  They will hold the bid price given in 2019  for 2020. There are many items coming up unexpectedly.  After some discussion, the Board postponed doing the bridges until 2020. Will need to still move forward to approve the bids for these bridge decks, so the 2019 prices are frozen. It needs to be published for two weeks in the paper.  This will be acted upon at the July meeting.

     Other items under road activities, we can use the money from the bridge repair and have Bull Dozin’ come in and repair a cul-de-sac. It is noted that the “NO ATV’S” signs on Hwy. 48 have been taken down.  It seems the State has done this and added “NO PARKING” signs.  Ken will contact the State regarding these two items.

       Scott noticed that there is no fire number on the landfill owned by Loch Lomond Beach Club. Doug Fischer will take care of this.

     It is noted that there are a lot of right of ways which belong to the Town which have items parked on them.  We are working with the Sheriff’s Dept. as these are no parking areas.

    With the discussion of all the work going forward, it was decided that Kory would talk with Pat Netz to see if he would return to work.  Ken said to go ahead and if needed we will post the position. At this time Scott is taking a few days to do farming.  Kory said that he feels that Scott is doing a great job. Ken said he is doing an excellent job.

     Jon Sleik then gave the report for the BFCESD. When the committee meets on Thursday, they will be given the donation agreement proposal.  The person who has agreed to match the $500,000 does not even live in the Town.  He is willing to donate $250,000 in 2019, $250,000 in 2020 thru 2021.  As the EPV is not available until August, they will not be able to give the amounts to the entities.  At that point, each entity will need to meet and vote on two things: 1. The building plan itself and 2. Entity share of the building. A lot of hard work needed to be done between now and Oct. hope to have all the matching funds by then. They should be able to phase the payment schedule with Northwest Builders for the State approved plans.  Jon said that this is currently based on EPV.

     Tagalong Condos has been a problem for the fire dept. with its calls. The Board has discussed that maybe a charge will need to be for each fire call. It seems that only the 300 Building is the problem. The other buildings have other systems.  Discussion followed between Dirk Vanderbent and Jon Sleik. It was suggested that Dirk Vanderbent works on this with Ken George, fire chief.

     Ken will meet with each of the retirees from the Fire Dept. for their signature. They are Bob Beffa, Becky Darkow, and Stan Lindau.

     Under old business, Ken asked if there is anything else which the parade committee needs for the upcoming parade. Louie said that they don’t need anything at this point. Tony spoke about Mary Hele talking with Chesla in regard to the website for the parade. Tony mentioned that Alicia Eppley is also working with Chelsa. It seems that Mary is working for entries, while Alicia is working on the 5K race.

     Next, the liquor, beer, operator and cigarette licenses were presented to the Board. The clerk read each license and licensee applying. As there were no questions or comments, Tony made the motion to approve the licenses as submitted. This was seconded by Kory and approved by all.

     Next on the agenda is the review of Barron County Emergency Operation Plan.  As this is new at this point, the Board signed the attached signature page and Ken will scan it back to the County.

     The asphalt bids were  considered next.  This is from Monarch Paving for 28 ⅛ Ave, Loch Lomond Blvd. the county sent the results which are $47.00 per ton if from Haugen, $46.10 from Range.  Kory made the motion to accept the bid from Monarch Paving.  Ken seconded. Ken, yes: Kory, yes: Tony, yes. 

     Under new business, a request for a Tourist rooming House has been submitted by Mark & Pattye Muck, 2588 28 ¼ St., Birchwood.  They had been approved previously and timing ran out.  Dirk Vanderbent is the representative for them.  Ken cautioned that all rules be followed as if there are 2 complaints to the Sheriff’s Office, the lease is denied. They also discussed the number of vehicles on each property.  Board signed the form for the county with no objections stated.

     The Board then discussed two issues in the Town where the private property is trashed.  

     Invasive species will be having a seminar. Anyone interested in attending? No.

     Ken said that Dick Ballou had talked with him and said that they are selling their home and moving into Rice Lake.  With this said, a person will need to be found to undertake the Buckthorn Project for which he has been doing over the years.  If no one steps up, then the sprayers and product will be turned over to Tyler at the county.

     Kory has received a communication regarding the road.  He has let her know the road will be pulverized. Also, do we have an ordinance for keeping pigs as pets in our Town?  Maybe the pig should be subject to the dog leash law. He was advised to contact the Sheriff’s Dept. Animal Control.

     While Ken was away, Tony and Maryhelen approved a special exception for a  Bed & Breakfast for Fred & Jeanette Mutchler, 2981 27 ½ St., Birchwood.  

     Town Hall is being used on June 13 – 14.  It was suggested that the Deerings should contact Ken when they pick up the key.

     The Board discussed the white goods pick up to be held on June 22 at the Town Shop.

 Need volunteers to help with this.

     Cathy Hatfield mentioned that the light was on in the shed behind the Town Hall. Also, it is really great to have the recycle bin moved to the cement slab where the old shop was located. It is a lot quieter & looks better. The Board talked about a camera there to watch what items are left.

     Tony made the motion to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Kory and approved by all. (8:15)

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