Town Meeting Minutes June 12, 2017

SPECIAL MEETING JUNE 12,2017 The Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met at the Mikana Town Hall on Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6:30 PM for the purpose of a special meeting to amend the ordinance for ATV/UTV. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Supervisors, Kory Weiss and Tony Wolff, Clerk Maryhelen Drew and Treasurer Gladys Roux. Also, present were 39 interested persons. Meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. The amendment change would be from the current wordage of “that connect to ATV/UTV trails or routes shall be open” to “within the Town’s jurisdiction”. There are three steps to this amendment change, this being the first. Next this will go to the county, Mark Shervy and then onto the State, Matthew Reddy, Eau Claire Traffic Eng. The process will take about 2 -3 mons. There followed discussion. Ken made the motion to accept the change in ordinance as discussed. Kory seconded and all approved. Ken made the motion to adjourn the special hearing. Tony seconded and all approved.
MONTHLY MEETING JUNE 12,2017 The monthly meeting for the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake was called to order at the close of the Special Meeting. The minutes from the previous monthly were read. Kory made the motion to approve the minutes as read. Tony seconded and all approved. Under public input, Al Dirkes and Jim Merrill attended from the Town of Doyle. Are very happy with the working relationship between the towns. This has been working very well for 15 to 20 years. Ken also feels comfortable with the arrangement. At this time, Doyle has the west 3 miles of Town line road, while Cedar Lake has the east 3 miles. Do need to clarify with bridge when time comes to rebuild. Kory also mentioned that in the near future, we will need to do some maintenance on the old backhoe. Al felt that this was fair.
Norma Jankowski spoke about the property on Main Street, 2689 Main St., which has become a public nuisance. Kory stated that he had not found an ordinance to be able to fine people within the Town. Letters have been sent from Town as well as the county. Ken will follow up on this. Ron Richlick spoke about how several town members had gotten together and cleaned the outside of the Town Hall about 6 years ago. It is needing attention again. Wondered if there were any volunteers who would be able to get this completed by the 4th of July? Maybe Todd Barthens would clean the gutters. Kory will check with him. Ken thanked Ron for the suggestion. Several people spoke up to say that they would be happy to help. Under public input, Tony has been working on the Town’s website. He hopes it will be up and running by mid—July. He is requesting photos, videos and anything else which town residents would be interested in to post on the website. Next item under the agenda were the financial reports from Gladys, treasurer and Maryhelen, Clerk. Both are balanced with each other as well as all bank accounts. Ken presented a budget to actual report which he talked about to explain the financial situation of the Town at this point. Doug Fischer inquired as to the procedure of paid in full taxes. Gladys explained the process. Mike Gallo than proceeded with the road report. He has been having issues with driveways, trees down all over due to storms. Doug Fischer explained that the Loch Lomond Beach Club had encouraged all campers within the area to get driveway culverts and fire numbers for their lots. Ken asked how the Town Board can help with storm cleanup? Mike said it would be helpful if powerline issues could be monitored as this is very dangerous. RJ has been very helpful in these situations as well. Ken will step back unless hear otherwise. Tony could do phone calls to alert Xcel Energy to fire numbers needing
attention at the time of storms. Three numbers have been given to the Sheriff’s Dept. for contacts for Cedar Lake. Doug asked about emergency contacts. Tony will have a section on the website with all of that information. It was suggested that everyone look at the Code Red program which the County has implemented. It is a very good system. Mike than spoke about a problem on Loew’s Drive where the beavers have plugged the culverts so much, we almost lost the road. Have had five beavers trapped so far. The mowing for the year has begun. Kory said that the men are focusing on cleanup from the storm, replacing culverts, beaver problems. For July agenda, discussion regarding Loew’s Road. Mike is dealing with brush people have piled in the ROW. 50, he is pushing it back onto private property. Kory said that the lake level is a daily issue. Have gotten the mechanics fixed, so should be better to follow. Mike is working on Kirkwell with frost damage still coming out. Kory stated that the current plan is to use the Town’s sweeper and do the best we can with that. Next, RJ Severud gave his report. He has been assisting with tornado disaster, patrolled, property thief’s, complaint calls, medical calls, drug house calls, helped with the latest storm. He had a ride along as Ken went with him one day. This is not something that can happen with others as this is a liability. The DARE had their graduation which was very nice. He has been doing parade planning, Sheriff’s dept. will be here to assist. He explained that the population went from approximately 1400 in winter months, to about 3800 at this time of year to about 6300 by July. Ken than gave the report for the Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services. May was a light month for the fire dept. There were only two calls. The fire fighters did rescue training. Lakeview Medical. They have purchased a child seat for the ambulance.
Kory than reported that he had signed the contract with Professional Exteriors to rebuild the Town Hall stairs. They have agreed to begin in Sept. Ken than spoke about the retirement of Jim Heldstab from Uniform Building Inspector. He has attended some meeting in regard to this as there will be 34 towns depending on 2 people as these persons retire from these positions. 50, a group has been formed, a job description has been written with the intent of hiring a full-time person for this job. We have received two applications at this time. Scott Scheifflenbein then introduced himself as one of the applicants. This will be an agenda item for July. Gary Garbe then asked for approvals for the parade. One is to close the Swamp Rd. for the 5K race, the parade route and to make it one-way for the fireworks. He would also like to use the park for the fireworks. Hopefully the grass will be cut along the parade route and the edges of the Swamp Rd. He requested mike to bring the town trailer to Mikana for use as well as the town cones. They would also like the use of the Town Hall. All requests will be met. He also suggested that they are in need of volunteers to help the day of the parade. As applications for all liquor, beer and operator licenses have been submitted to the Town with no changes from last year, Ken made the motion to accept all as submitted. Kory seconded and all approved. Ken than spoke about the Emergency Operations Plan with the County. It was last updated in 2010. The update will be submitted to the county and will be found on the Town’s web page. By level of operation, RJ would be the first contact in an emergency situation. Doug Fischer than discussed the issue with re- painting the crosswalk by the Beach Club. There followed discussion with the result of the Town purchasing the correct paint from the county and having volunteers from the Beach Club do the painting. The Board also authorized the purchase of one sign for the crosswalk at approximately $275, which Ken will order.
Steve Carlson appeared to discuss a lot line change between two lots which he owns. It would not change the outside dimensions. Board signed the checklist for the County with no objections. Next the Board members discussed insurance. It was decided as no earlier conversations had taken place regarding insurance bids, the Board would renew and discuss insurance at a later date. Currently we are thru the march Insurance Agency. It was decided that we would discuss the Aramark and the lawn mowing contracts at the July meeting. Kory made the motion to approve the bills and adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Ken and approved by all.

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