Town Meeting Minutes | June 8, 2020


     The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana at 6:30 PM on June 8, 2020. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Kory Weiss and Tony Weiss, Supervisors, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk and Treasurer Gladys Roux. Also, 18 other persons attended in person. The meeting was not held by Zoom. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

     The minutes from the previous monthly meeting were read with the following corrections: The fine for the Nuisance Ordinance is $100 per day instead of $500. Also, correction to  the BFCESD comments regarding vehicle storage in our town shop from FY 19 to  FY20.  Kory approved the minutes with these corrections, Tony seconded the motion and all approved.

     Under public input, Norma Jankowski spoke about several people in Town who had met at the Grill to discuss some activities for July 4th as there is no parade this year. It will be called Hometown Spirit of Mikana. A small parade would begin at the school house going west to Main Street and end up at the parking lot by the Grill. The group was wondering if the Town would help with a few of the expenses. Norma felt that the reasons were due to businesses cancelled, not able to get raffle prizes, not able to complete due to Corvid19. Louie Okey spoke as treasurer of the parade committee saying that Norma characterized the decision pretty well. The Board did decide to continue with the fireworks. Frank & Cyndi Saxinger have planned some events for that day. Tony Wolf asked if there was anything prohibiting this event. Louie Okey said nothing prohibits this. It will be in the Village and not go over Hwy. 48, so no need for the Sheriff’s Dept. Everyone should be able to social distance.

     Gladys inquired about expenses and what amount would be incurred. There would be such costs as advertising, porta potties, some small treats for the kids. Tony asked if the insurance would still need to be paid? No, since there is no parade, no need for liability insurance. The fireworks have their own insurance. After some discussion, Ken Leners made a motion to allow up to $500 reimbursable with receipts. Kory seconded and all approved. Norma asked about the PA system, if it could be used to play patriotic music during the day. Louie said that she should talk with Gary Garbe.

     The next item to be discussed was 8c. Regarding the recycle bins. There has been a problem with the recycle bin in the Loch Lomond area. Many have dumped household garbage as well as recyclables, creating a huge mess. The bin has since been moved behind the Town Hall to keep a better eye on it. So Ray Zeman, plant manager from the Barron Co. Waste to Energy appeared to discuss plans going forward for the bins placed in the county.  There are 10 sites in the county. The county is planning to build gated, manned, well lit and cameras at the stations for this recycling. This would be funded by the county. The team will be getting together next week to pursue new sites. There will be all new boxes, each box will have fences. Ray has been with the organization since inception in 1993 and there has never been a fine issued. If one person was fined, it would set an example. Doug Fischer, Loch lomond Beach Club spoke to the problem they have been experiencing on the east side of the lake.

At the Board meeting the Board of Directors voted to hire Waste Management at $300 per month that would be manned and fenced. Doug feels that the problem is due to more people living in the area due to Covid19. This may not solve the problem with the household garbage.

     There followed much discussion, with the decision that the 2 boxes will stay behind the Town Hall until a new site is prepared. Try to add a camera. Ray plans for late summer or fall. Ray will keep Ken advised of the procedure. Todd asked how much the penalty is for leaving garbage. It is $500.

     The next item is the financial report from Gladys, Treasurer. The balance available for the end of the month is $327,768.63. If the Bylaws are pasted at the BFCESD meeting on Thursday, we will pay the budgeted amount to them. Ken will update the overall budget next month.

     Gladys explained that she had received information from the Barron Co. Real Property Lister regarding tax statements. The county has sent an estimate from a company who would supply the envelopes, stuff them and mail out the taxes for jurisdictions. Gladys ran some figures and felt that it would be less expensive to have them do it. Gladys recommends that the Board consider hiring this company to do the taxes. No decision needs to be made at this time. Norma asked if the treasurer would still be called if a person needed some information regarding taxes. Yes, also tax information can be found on the county website to print their own statement. Ken asked that Gladys keep the Board apprised of the plans. If BFCESD would want to send out an insert, they would need to pay for theirs to be stuffed.

    Next is the report of past month’s road work. The road bans are off all the roads and now are off Swamp Rd. the road is holding up well. The water is going down in Pickerel Lake as the private resident had been notified that the beaver issue was on their property. He hired a contractor who came and knocked down the beaver dam, thereby lowering the lake. The bridge decks are finished except for the approaches. As these get completed, there will be bills from several sources coming in. We will need to keep track of these so we can bill the Town of Oak Grove for their portion of the bridge decks.  The county was supposed to check on the culvert on 30th Ave, but had to reschedule. They will be there on Monday, 15th. Jim Everett will be contacted to be made aware of this.

     There is a cul de sac in the Loch Lomond area that is being built on so needs to be brought up to standards. Bull Dozin is setting up to do the scraping and grading to get it up to speed.

     Next subject was the fire signs. Scott will need to check all the numbers with Barron Co. before ordering. Discussed many numbers on one post for roads with many homes.

    Scott & Kory are focusing on the money to spend this year on roadwork. If we will be resurfacing on the east side next year, we would need to replace 14 culverts this summer. Bull Dozin and the county have submitted numbers for this. Kory will compare them, recommending phases to complete this year. Tony asked if necessary to replace all culverts this year? Kory feels he should be proactive instead of cutting blacktop later to replace it. A discussion of pros and cons of plastic versus steel culverts, with thoughts of staying with steel. Kory will compare and email Board members with results.

     Scott recommended that we have Bull Dozin look at the ditch on Bolger’s Rd, which should be a priority. Need to get numbers together for that area. Kory said that the Town will probably focus on culverts this year and no gravel hauling.

     Next Scott mentioned that the ditch mowing would begin soon. It appears that a lot of unwanted material is gathering at the debris pile. Need to get trail cams for that area. Ken Osmer mentioned that trail cams would see license plate numbers. Kory suggested that maybe it’s time to get the Sheriff involved.

     Ken spoke about the calls for the BFCESD in the past month. There were 5 fire calls bringing the total to 18 for the year. Ambulance had 17 calls in April with a total of 55 this year. Thursday, June 11, the BFCESD meeting will be held in the Birchwood School Commons area, for reasons of social distancing. If all goes well, the bylaws should be completed. Ken spoke with the attorney regarding 4 issues with the bylaws. 1. Add service award program. 2. Percentage of reserve.. 3.Delet any late payment and interest on payments. The BFCESD does not have the authority to impose or collect fines. 4. Residency requirement. Must live in the municipality the person represents due to voting issues. If Tony and Kory are in tune with these points, Ken would proceed. Kory is curious as to the next step if ⅔ don’t make changes to the  current contract. Ken said that the attorney suggested to wait and see how things go forward. Maybe discuss litigation with the attorney next. At this time,Kory could see this becoming a stalemate. Cedar Lake pays 32% of the budget.

 Next is the discussion regarding the alleys in the Village. Tony would like to see more input from the Village residents. At this point, Todd Barthen, who has taken care of the alley by him for 20 yrs. and Gerry Frazier spoke up to say they would take their portion. Ken had spoken with Mr. Halverson who asked if the Town would be taking down a very mature tree on the row. Ken said that would become the responsibility of the property owner.  At this time there are 3 choses. 1. Do nothing. 2. Reclaim, remove everything and mow. 3. Turn over to the residents, half for each property owner. If this is done, the Town would not get that land back. Ken is leaning toward abandonment. Tony has talked with zoning, who said abandonment is done thru Town Resolution.  Kory feels the same way. We would retain the alley behind the town hall. Maybe a letter could be sent to affected residents.

Eventually the deeds on those property owners would be changed to include this portion of the alley. Kory spoke about the northwest corner where the driveway goes off the corner. The Board needs to look at everything closely.

     The next item for discussion is the resolution to Waive Interest on Property Tax Payment Installments. The county has passed this resolution, but that does not mean that our Town would be eligible for this waiver. Our Town board needs to make a resolution for this to be for our property taxpayers. This is a waiver due to COVID19. This would waive any interest or penalties that would come due to late tax payments. Ken made the motion to pass this resolution no. 2020-6-8 to waive the interest and penalties. This was seconded by Tony and approved by all. Roll call: Tony, Aye:Kory, Aye: Ken,Aye.

     Next on the agenda is a request for a special exception from Cedar lake Grill. They would like to build an open air, free standing, pavilion. The county states that they would need to attach to existing building. It would be a hardship as the terrain to the back of the building is not suitable to build this structure attached. After some discussion the Board has no objection to Cedar Lake Grill building a free- standing pavilion. Roll call vote: Tony, Aye: Kory, Aye:Ken, Aye.

     The next discussion is in regard to the cost of streetlights being charged back to the individual persons in Mikana. There are 80 parels who now share this cost. Tony made a motion to make the streetlight cost be assessed over the entire tax roll instead of only 80. Ken seconded the motion. Roll call: Kory, Aye:Tony,Aye,Ken,aye. Motion carried.

     Next was a presentation of all the applications submitted for Liquor, Beer,Cigarettes and operators. These were all approved as presented. Roll call: Kory, Aye:Ken, Aye:Tony, Aye.

     Ken has been notified by Mark Lyum regarding a beaver problem. At this point the Town has done all we are able to do as the problem is now on private property. He will need to work this out with the neighbor. He would like the Town to install a beaver pond leveler. What Scott has done, did work. There are two beaver dams on Loew’s property. This issue could be directed to the DNR. Discussion followed.
Under correspondence,Kory received a call from a resident in the Kingston Platt in Cedar Croft. There are some ATV riders who are riding at high speeds, making donuts in the roads, riding all night long, piped out machines. There has been a verbal confrontation with the caller. The Board could vote to close the road, Erin Rd. to ATV’s, but does not feel that would be the right thing to do. After some discussion, it was determined that an email will be sent to Sheriff Fitzgerald as this minor is clearly violating the law. The gentleman who made the complaint was very nice, only trying to find out what options he had to remedy the situation.

     Tony asked if Scott would be able to take down the sign at V&48 Landing which says private. It would be good. Kory asked if there had been any conversation with the new owners regarding the landing. None at the point.

     The Board is in receipt of an Annual Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) update to the Sheriff’s Dept. Ken doesn’t expect any changes, will look at and can be signed at the July meeting.

     Tony made the motion to adjourn the meeting and pay the bills. This was seconded by Ken and approved by all. (8:40) Notices were posted at RedCedar Store, Town Hall, Cedar Grill,website and the Chronotype.

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