Town Meeting Minutes | March 11th, 2019

The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 6:30 PM at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana.  Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Supervisors Kory Weiss, and Tony Wolff, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk, and Gladys Roux, Treasurer.  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The minutes were read from the previous monthly meeting.  These were approved as read by Kory, seconded by Tony and approved by all.

    Next, under public input, Linda Zillmer thanked the emergency services for their professionalism, kind help they have received. She wishes that the District would step up to the same professionalism in dealing with the ongoing division of funding. She suggested that the District return to the Village of Birchwood for control.  The District will be asking the Village to service the grant for the new building as it is on the agenda for Tuesday night.

    Ken thanked Linda for her input as we all appreciate the services of the persons involved. The discussion of cost sharing will happen under the BFCESD report.

    The financial report was given by Gladys, treasurer. She balances with all banks and the clerk at this time.

    Kory gave the road report as Scott and Pat have had some long weeks of keeping the roads open with all the snow we have gotten.  Fahner is waiting for the thaw to complete bridge inspections. Truck #3 has a light indicator which has been diagnosed with a valve cover replaced at the cost of $4500.  There is no date for this repair as we need to keep the truck, until

Winter is over.  The guys have done an outstanding job with the snow.

   Ken George then gave the report for the Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services District.  There were 6 weeks between meetings encompassing 10 fire calls and 11 ambulance calls.  As of Feb. 21, the district has received $24,860 in donations. Discussed the grant for the district of $500,000 with matching donations. Ken Leners asked if there was any time frame on the grant?  There will be a discussion with the Village at Tuesday evening meeting. Tony asked if the Village would upgrade their facilities? Ken George does not know the Village position to borrow for this. At this time parking is already a problem and would continue to be a problem at the Village Hall.

Discussed existing building reconstruction. Discussed the advantages/disadvantages. The District has spent two years looking for 2 acres to supply the needs of the District.

    Linda went on to say that the USDA would require a valid agreement which would pass their attorneys inspection.  She feels that there has been more politics than research done for redoing the Village Hall.  The focus has always been on new. John Depoister is Village President.  Tony understands the frustration; we should concentrate more to get a resolution in place.  Ken G. said at this point the District is only waiting for money. Ken L. stated that the by-laws need to be revised. Linda stated there are no bylaws, only agreements. June Bibeau asked if there were any other grants available.  Ken G. said not for structures. There are low-cost yr. loans available. Ken will update each month as Jon Sleik will discuss at the Annual Meeting.

    Kory asked if the fire dept. received a number of calls regarding carbon monoxide poisoning? Ken G. said yes, they do receive those calls, but no more this year than other years.

    Ken L. thanked Ken G. for his report.

   The purpose of the following discussion is for the 3 board members to decide which cost sharing the Town of Cedar Lake would like to determine each entity’s share of the Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Dist. This will be presented to the District at their meeting on Thursday meeting. The Board discussed the three ways to establish each entity’s share of the BFCESD budget.  1. Equalized value as it is now used 2. Cost sharing based on equalized property values and a three year average of ambulance calls 3. A cost-share ratio based on the number of fire numbers/access points verified annually           Cedar Lake has supplied in the past free parking for a fire truck, SAP compliance, and a resident who has been president for 10 years.  Our town had an increase in the budget of 6.5% this year. Ken L. made the motion that we direct our commissioner, Jon Sleik, to vote for the cost sharing to be done by fire numbers (access points) on behalf of the Town of Cedar Lake.  Tony seconded. Roll call vote, Ken, Aye: Tony, Aye: Kory, Aye.

     Next was a discussion regarding joint bridge projects with other towns. At this time there are two bridges which need to be rebuilt which connect with other Towns. The structure for the cost sharing on any roads project is based on EPV.

    Under old business, Tony talked with other Towns in regard to appointing/electing the clerk and treasurer.  Town of Prairie Lake, Karin Moe, is a little larger in population than ours.  They went to appointing and received 20 applications.  After they saw the job description, only 2 people remained interested in the position.  They offered $20 per hour for the clerk. The suggestion was made that a clerk or treasurer could have more than one township if they are appointed. As Tony hears from these different towns, he feels this is a good move. going forward.  It will be discussed at the Annual Meeting where a vote will be taken, after which, if approved, the paperwork would be completed to put on a referendum at the next election. Ken thanked Tony for all the research.

    Under new business, discussion regarding stop signs on Kirkaloy will be tabled until further information and options are available.  This is in regard to dust causes with traffic.

    The item was to open the bids received for road project bids.  No phone calls and no bids have been received.  The county will provide a quote.  Next month there should be more information on the TRIP project for the summer. Discussed road weight limit signs that will happen in the near future.

    Next was an application from James Gagen, 2608 28 ¼ St., by Walleye Park. He is looking for approval for a Tourist Rooming House.  He is not in the Beach Club.  After some discussion, the Board approved this request.  All approved.

    The next item is the Budget Resolution for 2018, 2019-3-1. The resolution was read.  A motion was made by Kory to adopt the resolution 2019-1-3.  Ken seconded and all approved.

    Ken spoke about refinishing the floor in the town hall which will be happening next week. Everything needs to be moved.  Looking for volunteers to help with this.  He will bring his trailer to move things to the garage in the back of the town hall.  New tables have been ordered, per the suggestion of the Cedar Lake Ladies.

    Tony asked if the clerk had received a bill from Chelsey for the website. Not as of this date.

    The Board discussed the Xcel Energy cost for the town hall which we will have monitored.  Discussed a new cost for pest control, no decision at this time. Talked about guidelines for mailboxes.

   Ken stated that he has signed up for the WTA convention in Oct. He suggests that other board members should plan to attend.

    Ken then discussed constructing welcome at each end of the Village as Xcel Energy will not allow any flags on their Hwy 48 and Main Street electrical distribution poles. A further discussion will be had soon.

    Tony made a motion to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting.  Ken seconded and all approved. (7:50)

Maryhelen Drew, Clerk

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