Town Meeting Minutes March, 13, 2017

MARCH 13,2017
The monthly meeting for the Town of Cedar Lake was held on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 6:30 PM. Present was Jon Sleik, Chairman ,Kory Weiss , Supervisors and Gladys Roux , Treasurer (late Maryhelen Drew, Clerk). Duke Dahl was absent. Also 31 other persons attending. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. The minute were read by Jon. Kory made the motion to approve the minutes as read and seconded by Jon. Under public input, Tony Wolff mentioned that the street sign was missing from his street. The financial report will be completed when clerk arrives. Under road activities, there is not too much to report. Just dealing with wind, falling trees, snow and ice. Police report showed the RJ has been checking on cabins regularly. He is working with two canine training. Under BFCESD, Propulsal Ins. Co. is looking for more information to complete Advantage Billing. Soon, property for the new fire hall will be made know to all as everything comes into place. Under old business, the Board opened bids for the replacement of the stairs for the Town Hall. The bids range from $20,000 to $23,000 from the following persons: Professional Exteriors 519455.04, Lusson Con. 523300.00. A bid will be coming from Scott Frolik on concrete steps repair. Board would like to revisit this at the next monthly meeting. Under new business, Jon explained the process for Open Book and Board of Review. The next item was opening the bids for gravel hauling. Bids were received from Madison Construction, Barron
County, Antzacak Con., and Olynick. Each submitted the certificate of insurance, and bids based on a five—phase project. The bids range from $2.35 per yd. to $3.62 per yd. As the Town, will be unable to determine at this point which roads will be completed this summer, they will notify the companies when this is determined. Jon thanked all for the bids submitted. Under correspondence, Jon explained about the Mobilelike for broadband. They would like to install a tower at Co. T and Hwy. 48. There followed a discussion. The Town Board needs to respond in writing to this. The ultimate decision will be made by the county but the Board needs to keep aware of the process. The financial reports were than given by Gladys, treasurer and Maryhelen, Clerk showing that they balanced with each other as well as the bank accounts. Also, under correspondence, 3 bill was received from Horton Insurance regarding bonding of the Town Board. Thought we were insured there the policies with Marsh lns. Jon will revisit this next month after some research. Jon had met with Rep. Romaine Quinn in the AM discussing the big item of transportation statewide. There are three ways being suggested to help the situation: 1) gas tax increase 2) registration fees 3) impose county taxes. There will be an open meeting on April 18th in Spooner where anyone can talk with the Budget committee in regard to these thoughts. Anyone can attend. Kory made the motion to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting. Jon seconded and all approved. (7:25 PM)

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