Town Meeting Minutes | March 8, 2021

March 8, 2021 Special Meeting

     A special meeting was held at the Cedar Lake Town Hall in Mikana at 6:00 p.m. on March 8, 2021 for the purpose of discussing the resolution 2021-8-3 in regard to discontinue of alleyways in the Village.The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ken called the meeting to order and explained the situation. There were 17 persons and 5 town board persons,one by zoom (Maryhelen Drew, Clerk) present. A motion was made to give each person 4 minutes to state their position, questions regarding abandonment of the alleys. Kory seconded the motion and all approved. All in favor, motion carried.

    Dale Thompson wanted to know about property lines. Ken said each case will be dealt with as they happen. They will be requested to remove all of their property off the area which would not be theirs. Dale said that there is a playhouse over the line on his property. Ken suggested that he discuss that with his neighbor. Mary Tagliarino is concerned about the responsibility if someone should get hurt on this playground equipment. Ken explained the town’s options and why it was decided to abandon the alleys. People do not have to accept the property if not wanted.

     Tom Howard asked how the process progresses. At the next town board meeting, immediately following this special meeting, Ken Lenerssaid that there will be a motion to adopt the resolution . Then the documents go to the attorney to be filed at the Register of Deeds office at the County. Legal documents will be updated. Tom asked when a person would be able to decline the property. Unless a decline is heard tonight, the process will go further.

     Eleanor Kuula believes that there are personal items belonging to her neighbor  on the property that she will be getting. Ken said that she should not have to deal with this issue as the town currently has related legal action pending with her neighbor. Common sense should be applied in all cases.

     Survey markers are now in place within all east-west alleys so that the affected people may use them to identify lot lines.

     Ken Roen wanted to know if the town knows the setbacks. Ken L. said that the county would have that information based on the type of setback. Also, Ken R. wanted to know if the zoning would be the same. Kory said yes.

     Tom Howard wondered if the telephone ped was in the alleyway. Kory does not think so.

     Ken Leners made the motion to adjourn the special meeting. Kory seconded the motion. All approved, motion passed.

March 8, 2021 Monthly Meeting

     The monthly meeting of the Town Board met on Monday, March 8, 2021 following the adjournment of the special meeting. The minutes from the previous monthly meeting were read by Gladys. Kory made the motion to approve with 1 typo correction. Ken seconded the motion. Motion passed.

     As there was no public input, Gladys gave the financial report for last month. At this time, Ken mentioned that the Town has $6,152.00 of credit with Barron Co. Hwy. Dept. Kory said that the Town will get on the list with the county for road work. Discussion of culverts needed.

     Under past month’s road activities, Kory spoke about needing some asphalt but feels could be included with the work with the Co. We are still down one truck(red), which has an estimate of $5,500 to repair.

     Someone is stealing stop signs on the east side of the lake. Kory has notified the Sheriff’s Dept. who will work with the Town. May have to put cameras out.

     Scott posted the roads today. A discussion of the swamp road was held. If we need to close this road, we will notify the Sheriff’s Dept.

     Kory mentioned that Scott and Ken G. are doing a good job with the plowing the cul-de-sacs. Ken G. knows the needs of emergency vehicles in that area.

     Birchwood Four Corners Emergency Services Dist. meeting will be on Thursday, March 11. They have agreed to waive the interest fee for the Town’s late payment this year.

     Ken has not had an opportunity to discuss ambulance services with the Marshfield Clinic at this time due to COVID. Feels optimistic a discussion will be arranged soon.  This would be for info gathering only. Tony wondered if this would be a discussion for the Annual Meeting. Yes, Ken is going to see if he would be able to attend. Marshfield has purchased the Park Falls Hospital at this time. Ken showed all the Marshfield Ambulance Stations on a map.

     The next item is the Resolution 2021-8-3 to Discontinue Public Way. Ken Leners read the resolution as presented. As there was no discussion, a motion was made by Ken to approve the resolution. Kory seconded the motion. Roll call vote taken: Ken, Aye: Kory, Aye: Tony abstained due to family involved.

     Regarding Hwy. 48 & V, additional information is needed from the surveyor. Next step is to receive the survey. Ken will then send onto the attorney. It will then be documented. Mike Hessling would like a long-term agreement so this never needs to be addressed again. All parties are communicating. This will be tabled until next month.

     Next is the Budget resolution for the year of 2020. The resolution 2021-3-1 was read. A motion was made by Ken to adopt the budget Resolution as presented. This was seconded by Tony. Roll call vote: Ken, Aye: Kory, Aye: Tony, Aye.

     Discussion of the defib machine followed. We either need to replace batteries or update the machine. Chris Dolan (retired firefighter) had some input. It was decided to table this until next month’s meeting.

     Ken made the motion to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting. Tony seconded the motion and all approved. (7:40)

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