Town Meeting Minutes | May 11, 2020


     The monthly meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Cedar Lake met at the Cedar Lake Town Hall on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 6:30 PM. The meeting was presented on Zoom as well as at the Town Hall. Present was Ken Leners, Chairman, Tony Wolff and Kory Weiss, Supervisors, Maryhelen Drew, Clerk and Gladys Roux, Treasurer. Present were four other persons in the audience,as well as 3 persons online.

     The previous monthly minutes were read. Tony approved them as read and Kory seconded, all in favor.

     As there was no public input at this time, the financial report was given by Gladys, Treasurer.  All accounts are balanced with the bank and the clerk. In relation to the budget, we will disburse $102,168.66 (minus $6,089.00 for FY 19 town shop vehicle storage rent) when the BFCESD adopts approved bylaws. 

     Next on the agenda is the roadwork for the past month. Kory said it had been fairly quiet. Scott has no report. Kory has received an email regarding the Park Rd. which appears to be blocked by beavers again. Their dam is close to breaking again which could cause a problem. The big culvert which had been installed is completely dry.The beaver dam is on private property belonging to Jim Cargill. Ken suggested that the county supervisor for our area should take on this project and work with the private property owners.

     Kory listed off items which he would like to see get accomplished this summer with roadwork. One item is to order all the fire number signs needed to complete the double sided signs. In addition we will have the cost of the repair on the two culverts from last year at a cost of approximately$10650 to the county. Additional asphalt needs repair with a total cost approximately $23000. Should the county move forward with these plans? The Board agreed that this would be a good thing for the county to continue with this summer. Kory also showed the county where stripping should be done in our township.

     The bridge deck repair is beginning on May 18th, on Sirek Road and Brill River Road. Discussion was had that the Park Rd. could cost as much as $40,000. Ken stated that the county has offered to carry the invoice until the state reimburses 80% of the cost.      There followed a discussion of further work which Kory would like to see done within budget constraints.. A dollar amount would be given to the county to do crack filling to commit available funds.. Also, he would like to see more  gravel spread. We have a decent amount of gravel at his time. Then maybe complete phase 3 & 4 of last year’s project.

     The next item for discussion is the BFCESD report. As the meeting will be held on the second Thursday of the month, there is no report. A discussion was held regarding the bylaws which are being written at this time. There are two bylaws which the board feels should be included in the bylaws. 1. Only residents of the BFCESD municipalities may serve as a voting commissioner for that municipality. A non-resident appointed as a commissioner may serve as a non-voting member for the appointing municipality.  2. The board of Commissioners for the BFCESD must justify annual operating cost share requests. These requests will be contingent upon the approval of the participating municipalities.

     Tony feels that if these items are not included in the bylaws, he would not sign them. Kory feels that the representing person from each town should be a member of the town board as he feels that all the information does not get back to the Boards who make the ultimate decisions. Tony suggests maybe some compensation for serving on that Board in addition to regular Board duties. There should also be rotating officers. Tony made a motion to adopt both bylaws suggested to be included in the bylaws draft. Kory also mentioned that he did not see any verbiage of mandatory review of the  bylaws. Ken seconded Tony’s motion. Roll call vote: Tony, Aye, Kory, Aye and Ken,Aye. All approved. It is noted that going forward to attend the online meeting you must email the secretary to let her know you will be in attendance.

     Under old business, the Board discussed the alley encroachments in the Village. Discussed pros and cons of keeping the alleys. If we were to get sewer and water, it would come in from the main roads, not the alleys.The Board could not think of a reason to keep the property,except as Kory stated we hate to give up any town property but what would we need it for? Tony had talked with the county who said that the Town could have a resolution to abandon the property to the adjoining property owners. Tony feels that the Board should have more input from the town people before a decision is made by the Board. We would need to retain the alley behind the town hall. There followed a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the alleys.Ken feels the lesser of the two evils would be to abandon all alleys except behind the town hall. Todd Barthen asked who would be responsible for the trees in the right of way if they go down. Discussion followed regarding width, setbacks, issues of possession/ ability to maintain. Would like more information from the Mikana residents. This will be on the agenda next month with a decision in 60 days.

     Under new business, Matt Shilts, surveyor for mr. Mike Grilley attended by Zoom to consider a division of property on a piece of land on Hwy. V by Twin Lakes. At present it is owned jointly between Mr. Grilley and his sister. This division would give each a parcel of land to be owned separately. After a brief discussion, Ken made a motion to approve the request of a subdivision as submitted. This was seconded by Kory. Roll call: Tony, Aye, Kory, Aye & Ken, Aye.

     Next on the agenda is the application received from Michael & Deanna Hessling, who will be new owners of the Gathering Place beginning June 1. This would be a temporary license from June 1 to June 30, 2020.Ken made the motion to approve this temporary licenses for beer and wine for the one month period contingent upon receiving a letter of surrender from Dave and Vanessa Peterson. This was seconded by Kory. Roll call vote: Tony, Aye, Kory, Aye,& Ken, Aye. 

     Next on the agenda was the discussion of delayed payment of liquor and beer licenses issued on July 1st, due to Covid19. A question had been sent to the WTA attorney who replied that under the statutes a license cannot be issued until payment is received. They recommended that several towns lower the cost of the license to the minimum set by the State. Our town is at the minimum at this time, so that would not help. So, this is beyond the control of the Town Board.

     Next is to determine the date of the Annual Meeting for 2021 as this had not been addressed at the Annual Meeting on April 25th. Discussion of available dates. Motion to set the Annual Meeting for April 17, 2021 at 10:00 AM in the Town Hall was made by Mike Hessling and seconded by Deanna Hessling. All approved.

     Next the Board discussed the resolution made by the county to extend the deadline for property tax payments, without penalty, which are normally due on July 31 to Oct. 1,2020. There followed a discussion by the Board. The Town could get by budget wise, but if the county already passed the resolution, do we need to pass one as well? The feeling is that the county should settle with municipalities with whatever funds have been collected by July 31. The Board does not need to make a decision before June. Kory made the motion to table the resolution at this time until we have more information. Ken seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Tony, Aye, Kory, Aye & Ken, Aye.

     Next the Horton Group who distributed the Fire & Ambulance retirement funds needs to have a resolution to request the sponsorship of this fund to another entity. Ken read the resolution. Ken then made a motion to adopt the resolution as presented. Tony seconded the motion. Ken, Aye,Tony, Aye,Kory, Aye.

     It seems that the July 4th parade has been canceled this year due to the Covid19. We will still have the fireworks.

     Arron Musil had asked if the Town would be willing to to fix the ditch next to the new culvert installed on Park Rd. last summer. He was informed that there would be no landscaping at that place.

     Ken had received a text from Terry Byg regarding the nuisance ordinance for cleaning up his property. He wanted to have a second time extension due to the Covid19 as he has been in lock down since the beginning of the lockdown. After some discussion which made the Board feel like this was a delay tactic, there will be no more extension given to him or Jerry Frazier. The penalty will begin on July 1. It is $500 per day, $3,000 per month until corrective actions are completed.

     Ken made the motion to adjourn the meeting and pay the bills. Tony seconded and all approved. (8:30)

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