Update on Recreational Residential Dwellings

September 12, 2022

Subject:  Update on Recreational Residential Dwellings

The Town of Cedar Lake Chairman consulted with WTA attorneys and the Town’s municipal law attorney after the August 8, 2022 town board meeting.  Their advice was that we do not commit time and effort to a non-binding referendum in November based on the current board’s refusal to take action during the past 15 months.  They stated that it would be better to seek candidates for the upcoming April election that are willing to be proactive in resolving this issue.

The two main issues related to the unmanaged growth of the LLBC unlicensed campground continue to be increased zoning violations and revenue inequities.  Specifically, the increased potential for irreversible environmental damage to Red Cedar Lake, and the increased property tax burden placed upon permanent homeowners throughout the township.

Facts bearing on the problem:

  1. Numerous reported zoning violations remain unresolved at the Barron County level, although it is not their responsibility to do what the state would be required to do if LLBC was a licensed campground.
  2. LLBC reported “record property sales” in their August 2022 newsletter. When the Town Chairman submitted a request for information via email, the LLBC President responded with the following via email:

“Angie should be able to get this information sometime between the closing of the club for this season and the opening of the club next year”

  1. On June 1, 2021, LLBC reported 262 lots with campers and 314 homes/cabins. On Sep 9, 2022 the LLBC reported the following via membership correspondence:

 “For 2022 Divisions 1, 2 & 3 campers are required to be removed from lots. For these 3 divisions there are approximately 118 members that camp”.

Until the LLBC reports the total number of campsites within their subdivision, or until Delmore Consulting is contracted to verify the number of campsites, it is reasonable to assume the following:

12 divisions total x 118 campsites/3 divisions = 472 campsites.  Therefore, today there are approximately 475 campsites compared to approximately 325 homes within the LLBC sub division.

There were 262 campsites in June 2021 compared to approximately 472 campsites in August 2022.  This is an increase of 210 campsites during the past 15 months.

  1. This unmanaged growth of unlicensed campsites generates the following questions:

–  When is enough, enough?  Will another 100 or 200 more unlicensed campsites be allowed before action is taken even though homeowners currently pay 94% of all township expenses and unlicensed campsites pay only 6% of all township expenses?

–  Why are non-residents given priority over residents?

–  Will it take the actions of private citizens to resolve, through court proceedings, what elected LLBC and town board officials refuse to resolve?

–  Will the current LLBC’s board of directors’ decision to risk everything, rather than encourage Town of Cedar Lake elected officials to adopt the proposed recreational residential dwellings ordinance, result in numerous lawsuits from parcel owners against the LLBC board of directors, various realtors, land developers, and others, if the court’s decision on the pending private lawsuit is to mandate the removal of campsites?


Kenneth J. Leners


Town of Cedar Lake

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